Apart from firmware supercharger kits are also available on the market. At the end of the day, as long as your brand has the correct BMW approval stamped on its container, then you are good to go. Club Wyndham Map, Reasons are the same as in N42. Couldn't recommend a better mechanic for European cars. Each new spec is coded by year and roughly corresponds to new generations of BMW engines. Noise. Just make sure it won’t get pinched when you reassemble, and it isn’t too long. Such engines differ with letter N in their name, for example, N46N. 4. oil consumption test done at dealer showed 650ml consumed in 500km. Oh My Gooood Jojo, You can get rid of this problem after you have your Vanos variable valve timing system cleaned. Just don’t be in a rush and use unapproved oil…it’s not worth the damage that could be done to your BMW’s engine. 3. My E46 325 had such poor oil consumption, oil leak concluded but nothing visible on drive. It’s covered in braided cloth, is thick, and made in Germany by CRP. Norm Nixon Highlights, An oil catch can (OCC) is another solution that works quite nicely and follows the same principle–increased crankcase vacuum. All you need is to purchase supercharger kit and install it on your N46 stock internals. That's just amazing. Everything will be done by feel. Vibration. Social Boundaries, There’s a lot more to be done in that case, so just use this as a guide for running a vacuum line to from the intake to the new CCV unit (Scroll to the very end of this post for more info about replacing the CCV). If your BMW engine is consuming/burning oil, do not panic. If you want your upgrade to be as efficient as possible you can also buy cold air intake and cat-back performance exhaust system. The best in car service and professionally high knowledge of diagnosing, fixing and repairing European cars. I wasn’t working in that area, so I can’t tell, exactly, if the lower intake boot needs to be removed to detach the electrical box. We were so impressed that the car was booked in to get the work done. For months I have put up with a loud noise coming from my front end. Cheers John, very professional excellent quality work and value. New engine used Bosch ME 9.2 control unit. Shortcut Key Of Pen Tool Is, 60hz Vs 75hz Vs 144hz, Trader’s trusted workshop checked the PCV valve again - seemed working properly and did a ‘smoke test’ for valve stem seal and found ‘no burning/smoke detected’ and so ‘valve stem seal was working properly’. Shlomi and the team at K & G Automotive have discovered, through fault-finding a variety of vehicles referred from other workshops, that this is a particular characteristic of BMW models manufactured between 2002-2011 that are fitted with N42 and N46 engines. At the same time you need to proceed with regular maintenance and examinations of your N46B20 engine. In this photo link–not my photo—you can clearly see the nipples on the intake manifold. My car is running better than ever and I love it :) Will take my car back there for other repairs and. Your IP address will be logged. It was produced on base of N42B20 and seems to have actually no differences in comparison with its predecessor from the first sight. The boss is a very nice person and shows great patience.

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