I love ping-pong. First Name Blu #4. At age seven that's a challenging instrument to pick up. Yeah I'm really ready and like as we were saying too, all the previous touring experience I've had - I feel way more y'know, confident and ready and just excited because I just know, I miss that feeling. What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?I saw Nile Rogers and Chic at this outdoor festival in Ibiza when I was around 12 years old. Any new music you are listening to right now? ESCALANTE: Are your parents musical at all? I think it was something about just like the hypnotizing groove and the flow. I really liked the idea of controlling the room and having the ability to figure out what makes people dance, or stop dancing. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Meet Blu DeTiger, the TikTok-Famous Bass Queen, ESCALANTE: You’ve also been blowing up on, DETIGER: Yeah. We're a hungry young media brand that produces and publishes premium content celebrating real people and their authentic stories in an ever faker world. DETIGER: I did a year of Gallatin and then I transferred to Clive [Davis Institute of Recorded Music]. Then I went to Guitar Center and got my first bass, and it was taller than me at the time. Musicians took notice and she eventually hit the road, touring with artists like Caroline Polachek, Kitten, and the Knocks. Get your face shown. Watch This Video to Find Out, Yung Lean and FKA Twigs Play a Game of Would You Rather. I've seen it work in the DJ sets, like this is so fun. 'Crazy in Love' by Beyonce. Interview Magazine: The Crystal Ball of Pop. Blu Detiger has more than an epic name. 'Let’s Dance' by David Bowie. Sometimes there were like those, you know, I had a few songs that were just kind of like in my book of, bag of tricks I guess. It’s a cool, interactive performance thing where I play bass to the tracks that the DJs play. I also DJ, but when I DJ, I add a lot of bass at the same time. But girls and guys should be judged the same. Her content has earned her over 600,000 followers on the platform. Around the same time, she released another original track with the laid-back "Figure It Out." ESCALANTE: I feel like older people are just so confused by it as a phenomenon. Read our Store FAQ or Contact Us. Of all the venues you’ve played, which is your favourite?Meow Wolf in Santa Fe. Did you take a hiatus from college or did you drop out? So since you’re a native born New Yorker, what does it feel like leaving the city? She began DJ'ing around New York and quickly gained a hip reputation for her ability to spin records while adding her own funky bass grooves to the mix. I was seven, so in my head, this is just how I remember the story, but in my head I was thinking that guitar was too mainstream and I wanted to be more unique and different and I chose bass. That’s a little fun fact. ESCALANTE: You started playing the bass pretty young. To comply with the new e-Privacy directive, we need to ask for your consent to set the cookies. When I play House of Yes it’s usually the disco night, which is my favorite type of music. ESCALANTE: I was going to say—Blu DeTiger is a pretty insane name. I usually get some tacos from La Esquina and go to my shows. 'Ain’t No Sunshine' by Bill Withers. Most people, though, know her for her newfound TikTok fame, a kind of expected flower that blooms when you’ve been hustling hard on other things. I just really fell in love with the instrument. I talk to a lot of people online through messages and I try to get back to everyone. I would just have to hear it and then figure out the chord and then do it at the same time. Going back to you as a kid I was reading that you were really into School Of Rock and that's how you first started both learning to play, and also learning to play with others, is that true? Have you faced any sexism or ageism in the industry? But yeah, she's crazy. Anything that’s a little bit different qualifies you as a troublemaker, and I think I’m shaking it up in a good way. When I was playing with bands I was playing for other artists; it was just work for hire, and it wasn’t necessarily my creative expression. I really like this new club, Et Al, that I actually play at a lot, but I just play bass there. The first track you played on repeat? ESCALANTE: No, I didn’t. I’m going to name my kids Rocket or something. She is famously known for being brought to the attention of nu-disco duo The Knocks, who she supported on their 2019 Along the way, she started turning heads with her own music, releasing tracks like 2019's "In My Head." If Vogue calls you “the coolest DJ around” at age 18, you must be doing something right. David Huckfelt and J.T. Are you ready? I’m happy about it. I have been forever. I feel special about that. Between her sets and singles, it feels like Blu has been put on this earth to remind people how much fucking fun the bass can be. !. Do you have a band that's ready to go when you get a green light? Joy; Patty Griffin; Dumpstaphunk and more, Virtual Gig List: Todd Snider; Gaelynn Lea; Cold War Kids and more, Minnesota Public Radio - 89.3 The Current. I saw a quote from you about "Figure It Out" where you said the song kind of wrote itself. Which is kind of weird. So I took a semester off and I haven’t gone back yet. Birthday January Jan 22, 1998 . It is "Figure It Out" here on The Current. Popularity . I love 70s disco and funk so that’s when I really get to play what I like. I got to play with other musicians all the time, which is another way of getting way better. You have had quite a summer. Not somebody who already had a, maybe an existing touring fanbase or record selling fanbase so you know, are you nervous about getting into the real world? Listen Live, by And they send me all these videos of them playing my song. Look out for it. It’s also huge. I love dancing. Blu DeTiger is alive and is a celebrity recording artist. When I was in middle school, I was in the high school bands; when I was in high school, I was in the college bands. Yeah, so full EP coming in the next few months. Just the people I surround myself with. So my hands were super small. Present and connected. I like to be professional. I wanted to play an instrument too. For my own music, for my artist project. Then when all my tours got canceled and I had to come home from Europe, I thought, this is something that I can do during quarantine, just to give me something to do and give me a routine and make me feel better about being home and not performing. Blu DeTiger, the 21-year-old bassist extroadinaire, talks about her new single "Figure it Out," NYU, and her TikTok stardom. DETIGER: Honestly, I don’t. I don't know. Also my family, my brother, who I do a lot of music stuff with. Images and Content Copyright of Convicts LLC. So adding live bass is different, ‘cause anyone can learn how to DJ if they really want to, but you have to be really proficient at an instrument to be able to do what I do. It just wasn’t the right time. But then I remember there was this gig I was doing in New York for like months where I would play every week at this club and I wasn't even the DJ there. It's special but it's not the same as meeting people obviously, in real life. Yeah. I'm really happy that I chose bass first, and now I play guitar and other instruments. We're half-class, half-grit. Blu and I catch up over the phone to talk about her new music and her envy-worthy ascension in the New York music scene (and the TikTok community). I had no idea. This is when I first started to learn slap bass and I was so obsessed with Chic songs and the basslines in them (still am). Then I started DJing when I was 17, and that kind of started a whole new sort of path. You also then started going out on the road as bass player for hire, what did that experience bring you that now you're able to kind of maybe utilize as you're stepping into the limelight as a frontperson yourself? Most Popular #47659. New York-born singer and bassist, known for her classic funk, new wave, and disco-influenced sound. The music I listened to when I was younger really influenced me. But right now I think we're gonna go in and have a couple performances from you that you've tracked for us at home so let's do, I think we're gonna do "Cotton Candy Lemonade" here. Like I've been in the van, I've done the twelve hour van ride. My brother wears all-white everywhere. People want to see something new always, you know? 'WIYULD' by Evann McIntosh. In October 2020, the single "Cotton Candy Lemonade" appeared. Birthplace New York . I have a bunch of mentors for bass playing and DJing. Crazy good. Yeah I didn't really know. Bassist who gained popularity through her bludetiger TikTok account where she posts covers of popular songs. Is that how you kinda got into music? They’ll have a female DJs night or an all-girls night, which is really great. I did this program called “School of Rock” where I got to play at CBGB and all these cool clubs when I was really young. This rising DJ and bassist has more talent in her pinky finger than most musicians twice her age. We're never serious, but always sincere. It’s hard to say. Blu DeTiger's measurements, clothes & shoes size is being updated soon or you can click edit button to update Blu DeTiger's height and other parameters. I miss those endorphins of playing so bad. I think it was just like one of those, I was just like, you know, young kid like, "Ugh I want to be different, I want to be unique." Unsubscribe anytime. I get anxiety that I’m missing out. ESCALANTE: Did you record the single before the ‘Rona stuff started, or did you also do that at home? It’s an art museum with so many nooks and crannies to discover. Yeah. DETIGER: Right before I left to go on tour, I was in the airport and I had a ton of time and I was like, ‘Oh. DETIGER: I wrote the song a long time ago and then I kind of put it aside for a while. It caters to such a young audience and the kids are really running it, which is kind of scary sometimes. The 21-year-old bassist lets us in on her uber-cool ascension in the New York music scene—and why you don't need big hands to play bass. Thank you for supporting the official Blu DeTiger merch store! People hit me up about this too, like, ‘I want to play bass but my hands are too small!’ But honestly, it doesn’t really matter because my hands are small, and I started playing when I was, like, seven. That’s my philosophy, so I don’t drink on the job. Did you know that? Yeah, that's kind of - that was my beginning in New York. I always really, really liked it but it just never really came together. I think just knowing the ins and outs of the touring world and the crew and you know just what everyone's role is, I think was just really important for me to learn. The lyrics are very much about the New York experience. Read Full Biography, Singer and bassist Blu DeTiger makes arty funk- and disco-influenced indie pop. Right on. There’s always disadvantages and advantages. It was so cool. So fun. Speaking of family, what sort of music did your parents play when you were younger? That’s very inspiring. And then just the performance experience, straight up. My older brother was playing drums at the time. You’re about four hundred times more mature than we were at your age. You’re young, you’re a female in a male dominated industry – do you see yourself stirring things up or rejecting the status quo with your career? Yeah, totally. It just dropped and been getting a lot of love and I really appreciate all the support so far. Well we hope to meet you and your band when the time is right and touring becomes a reality again. Describe your style in three words? All. DETIGER: Yeah. So we were talking about you being a bass player and kinda developing as a musician from a really young age, but you also then started DJing in clubs and I don't know if you ever heard about, there was a collective called Giant Steps, it was in London and New York where they used to kind of do like a neo-soul jazz thing and they would bring out trumpet players and maybe add percussion to the DJ sets, but you started playing your bass along with the records you were DJing? Then I was playing in a bunch of bands when I was growing up because I was in the city, in the middle of it.

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