(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); © 2011 beautyofbirds.com - All Rights Reserved. Swedish Ducks are one of the heartiest of all the breeds, with a calm disposition. Their bills are also black but with some yellow region. The American Black duck is commonly found in freshwaters such as lakes and ponds. 50% blue ducklings - known as "Blue Swedish"25% blackducklings with white chests - known as "Black Swedish"25% silver splashed ducklings, which are a very light grey color - known as "Silver" or "Splashed White Swedish". Plenty of space needs to be provided. Sixteen people reported breeding Swedish Ducks, and 8 primary breeding flocks with 50 or more breeding birds exist. In some cases, they even have multiple plumage colors. APPROX. As with the Blue Swedish, the Black Swedish was developed in the Pomerania area of Europe. These beautiful ducks originated in England, developed by Reginald Appleyard, were brought to the US in the 1960's. My first house was a stick built house on a farm but not a farmhouse. Call Us Toll Free! Swedish Ducks are medium-sized ducks - similar in size to Rouen Ducks, larger than mallards and smaller than geese. Please Note: The articles or images on this page are the sole property of the authors or photographers. Mallard Ducks. The hens are good egg producers and lay both brown and white eggs. Wild ducks will cover a body of water while migrating but prefer isolation when breeding. There are three subspecies of this duck breed: the Island black duck, the Australasian duck, and the New Zealand grey duck. Reimbursements are limited to the cost of the birds and will not include shipping charges. The parrots that build "bird condominiums" : The, The record holder for speaking most words: the common. Thank you. Males weigh between 6.6 - 8.8 pounds (3 - 4 kgs) and females between 5.5 - 7.7 pounds (2.5 - 3.5 kg). Your tracking number will be emailed to you on your ship day. Swedish Ducks are generally considered great pets because of their calm disposition; the only exception being during the mating season when they may display aggressive behavior towards other ducks (males or females). I am currently working on designing a custom built farmhouse from the ground up. Breeds that could be in the assortment is Pekin, Rouen, Khaki Campbell, Blue Swedish, Black Swedish, White Crested, Fawn & White Runner, Black Runner, Blue Runner, Chocolate Runner, Saxony, Silver Appleyard, Golden 300 and White Layer. Farmhouse Guide is owned and operated by Lairic, LLC, an California limited liability company. However, they require shelter from wind and rain, easy access to food and water, and fencing to keep them contained and protect them from predators. Geography: Fortunately, ducks are highly adaptable to both cold and warm climates, so this factor is less important than for other species. They were originally bred for their mobility and high egg production. On average, they live for 20-30 years and reach maturity in 1-2 years. the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses, 130-180 EGGS/YEAR, The Blue Swedish is very similar to the Pekin Duck with a slightly more upright stance. Black Swedish ducks: Information Origin: Pomerania Class: Mediumweight Egg Production: 100-150 per year : Weight: Drakes 8.0 lbs Ducks 7.0 lbs Status: Fairly common We will email a ship date to you within 30 minutes of placing your order. Photo from Wikipedia. The Black Swedish ducks are all black except for a white patch on the chest and wings. East Indie Ducks have some similarities with the North American Cayuga Duck. APPROX. The breed tends to be nervous but lays a decent amount of eggs. Their plumage contains some white spots around the back and the rump. and females approximately 7 lbs. Their body type is very close to the Pekin duck and adult weight is around 8 lbs for the drake and 7 lbs for the hen. On average, drakes and ducks from this breed weigh less than 1 kg. Ducks come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, and there’s bound to be one that appeals to you. The black variety comes with a white patch around the breast region, and its plumage gives off an iridescent green sheen. Their adult weight is 3.25-4 lbs. This reduction may be a result of hybridization with mallards. Remember, you don't need a farmhouse to implement farmhouse design in any space. The males and females are somewhat similar in color as well. Domestic ducks live, on average, 8 - 12 years. Adults weigh 8-9 lbs. They originate from Pomerania and from the same ancestor as all other northern European ducks. They have a clutch size of 6-14 eggs with an average incubation period of 30 days. Order now for estimated delivery by March 6, 2021. Who doesn't like an easy meal! Depending on the stage of incubation, eggs weigh between 65 - 90 grams. Their brownish legs are set further back than those of a mallard duck giving the Swedish Duck a more upright stance - like that of a Campbell Duck. The Pekin duck is the most popular breed for eating and they are the most common domestic duck. At the time it was part of the Swedish Kingdom but is now the area of northeast Germany and northwest Poland. PIGEONS 4 Starlings, Tipplers, Rollers, Fantails, Chinese Owls. Their body type is very close to that of the Pekin Duck. They have a calm disposition and they are similar in size to the Rouen duck. If you are looking for a duck that will do well in your backyard or on your small farm, Black Swedish may be a good choice for you. A minimum of two-week notice before your ship date must be given to cancel a live poultry order. Then they supplement their plant diet with small aquatic animals such as snails, insects, and crustaceans. American Black ducks are great swimmers, but they are not great at flying. Blue Swedish ducks are hardy and have good foraging abilities. As these ducks age, some may also develop more white feathering - on the wings or around the bib. 6 Show Racers, English Carriers, Kings, Feather Leg Toys, Mondaines. Ducks feed on larvae and pupae usually found under rocks, aquatic animals, plant material, seeds, small fish, snails, and crabs. On average, they live for 20-30 years and reach maturity in 1-2 years. They are generally considered good "beginner's ducks. Greater Scaup: This large diving duck has a glossy green-black head, white sides and belly, black tail, neck and breast, barred gray flanks and back. They feed on plants most times, but during the breeding season, they increase their animal matter consumption. 200-300 EGGS/YEAR, One of the most famous duck breeds in the US, the Khaki Campbell gained its popularity by its excellent egg production. The eggs are incubated for about 28 days to hatching. I'm a single mom researching the nuances of building my own farmhouse. By creating an account with our store, you will be able to move through When selecting breeding stock, your best bet will be strong, well-muscled birds - avoiding those with short, narrow or shallow bodies, narrow heads, and excessively long bills. They tend to have a more nervous temperament. You might find some that are more aggressive than others. It has a rapid direct flight with strong, quick wing beats. Instead of "teeth," ducks have serrations (saw-like edges) on their bills that allow them to filter food out of the water. Swedish ducks are regularly compared to the body type of Cayugas and Orpingtons, however Swedish should have shorter bodies with more width compared to what is seen in those two breeds. African Black ducks have a clutch size of 4-8 eggs with an incubation period of 25-26 days. The advantage of the Black Swedish over the Blue Swedish is that the Black Swedish breed true. Both species will cross with Mallards. Cayuga ducks share an extended black gene with East Indie Ducks. Even though it is not standardized in the APA Standard of Perfection, one can create this breed by mating two Blue Swedishes. Eggs will weigh 80-95 grams. Domestic ducks raised in a farmyard can be kept at a higher density throughout the year if the water is kept clean. Drakes head and neck are greenish black with the body a chestnut brown. Bill, feet, and leg color will depend on the gender. Drakes have the typical Mallard pattern but with distinct coloring of blue gray head back and wings. APPROX. We recommend you pick them up immediately upon notification. APPROX 190-240 LARGE WHITE EGGS/YEAR, The Black Swedish duck is very similar to the Pekin breed.

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