Coppices very well from 5 years+ and will regrow from a stump several times, excellent for firewood. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Nyssa sylvatica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Liquidambar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All rights reserved. Dry-moist soils (not wet), will tolerate humidity, frost, cold temperatures. See the articles Wood Allergies and Toxicity and Wood Dust Safety for more information. Tall, hardy, can be coppiced but not as reliable as other varieties. 9995 Pie-IX Blvd. BOTANIC NAME : Nyssa aquatica: OTHER NAME : Tupelo, Gommier noir: ORIGIN : United States: WEIGHT : 2 lbs/bft: DENSITY : 0,50: PROPERTIES : Soft, pale yellow or grayish cast sapwood, fine texture, easy to carve: COLOR : Beige white to pale yellowish brown: USAGE : Carving, woodturning . The wood turns a light suntan color over time and in some cases would split so smooth it appeared to be planed. Fast-growing, good quality timber, low tolerance to frost. Old thread I know but man this stuff sucks to split. Eucalyptus fastigiata, brown barrel gum, Conditions: The woodlot here is rife with 'em and tupelo, or black gum. Free-draining moist soil, not wind-hardy. I don't split the gum trees that I get (they have the little spikey balls on them in the fall), I just feed the rounds to the OWB unsplit, man I love being able to do that. Its the only wood we burn over here because it grows everywhere and burns well. if it's the gum we have, then it'll burn fine-probably middle of the range on the scale for hardwoods. Hydro is about the only option, unless you have a lot energy, a maul and a big hammer. Well I don't call it a boiler, it's a wood fired water heater. Also you can see the wood stacked on the pallets to the right. Good coppicing tree, shade-tolerant, doesn’t like windy sites, is affected by pests/disease. We cut the trees into 10 ft logs and then run them through our bandsaw mill cutting them into 3" thick slabs then turn them 90 degrees and make 5" cuts. Black gum has a lower resin content than sweetgum. Sweetgum is a real bear to split... it has a high resin content. I do have some pictures. Conditions: Since I try to sell all the "good" wood I get, I end up burning gum more than anything.I like it just fine. Firewood, Heating and Wood Burning Equipment. Eucalyptus muelleriana, yellow stringybark. split it while it is still wet. Our 16-T hydro struggles with it at times. Need a hyrdo splitter to split it. if you let it dry a few months it is a nightmare. Common Firewood Measurements. It's like trying to split a block of nylon plastic. • Acacia melanoxylon, good to coppice after year 7 over several rotations, tolerates a wide range of conditions but does best on sheltered, well-drained, fertile soil, nitrogen-fixing, burns fast. It's free heat so go for it. My wife even melted a stove once while I was at work when we were younger. Like sweetgum, it can be a bear to split, even with a power splitter. However, if you are able to find it, Black Locust is great firewood because it is durable and dense which means it will burn longer. Let the splits season for a year and it's good, lightweight firewood … Gums often do well with acacia (wattles) as the smaller trees can live under a gum canopy, and are also good firewood trees in their own right. It is not stringy but looks like crap after it is split. Husky 353 non cat Ramsplitter 16-ton electric U.S. Stove 2000B Lifetime Member … Is very susceptible to sawfly, ophilemus and leaf lerp although some bio-control is now available with parasites. Fast-growing, gorgeous timber and firewood tree, coppices well after 5 years. Sweet gum is about the only kind of wood we burn. Black gum. Gums often do well with acacia (wattles) as the smaller trees can live under a gum canopy, and are also good firewood trees in their own right. JavaScript is disabled. As the paper burns, the herbs inside will ignite and get hot enough to begin to burn the kindling.

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