They have an impressive and charismatic personality. The result of these three is creation. Two people who are having completely opposite metal setup can not live happily for long time. You can find your nakshatra and other astrological birth details using your date and place of birth. They are constantly growing, improving and maturing and the partner has to keep pace with it. These people are gifted with the power of intuition and are suitable for any profession that requires analysing the trends of the future. This must be tested before marriage. How so ever beautiful and charming a girl may be, she cannot be good desirable wife for a man who has the nature of a beast. They may also possess dogmatic headstrongness at times when it may not be required. So far we have taken into consideration either the Rashi or the constellations, But here we take both into consideration. Now a days it is Very easy to do the Match Making with the help of any software or Online website. Swati : Ruled by Rahu, these people are strikingly beautiful in appearance. This is essential for a satisfactory marriage union. Love and Romance : Idealistic and romantic, they have the tendency to put their loved one on the pedestal and look at them with rose-tinted glasses. The native knows exactly what he is doing, even with chaos reigning around him. Yoni means sex and Yoni Kuta is implies sexual compatibility. Love being praised and flattered and may get enraged when criticised. But if lords of Janma Rashi of the boy and that of the girl are one and the same planet or if they are mutual friends or if Janma Rashi of the boy and the girl are in mutual 7-7 position, Rajju Dosha, need not be considered. You are intelligent, soft-spoken and spiritual. Sensitive, compassionate and caring, they strike the right balance between the practical and esoteric. The male born in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Rashi from that of the female should not enter into wedlock. Besides all the above agreements, there is another one named Nadi Porutam. She will not shy away from fulfilling his wishes and is likely to be a good athlete as well. Their inherent quality to protect enables them to look beyond themselves when it comes to bigger issues of the society around them. Sathabhisha : Ruled by the planet of illusion Rahu, the symbol of this nakshatra is the horse. I will explain to you how does this process of Nakshatra Matching between male and female work and what is the correct way to do it. Sravana : Ruled by the beautiful and ever-changing Moon, the symbol of this nakshatra is a ear.

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