Dad is a snow lynx Bengal he is tica registered and a big part of our family. A Bengal cat can cost you anywhere from $1000-$3000 from a breeder. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Bengal Rescue is a member of a very large community of Bengal Cat enthusiasts, which includes other Bengal Cat Rescue Organizations, Adopters, Fosters, Behavioral Experts, Medical Experts, and yes – even responsible licensed Breeders who support rescue. Once you’ve purchased your kitten and the things that they’ll need on a day-to-day basis, you will want to start thinking about the monthly costs of keeping a Bengal cat. Breeders usually refer to their cats in the fourth generation or even higher just as Bengals. The adoption fee helps the rescue cover the numerous veterinarian bills that many of the rescue cats have. Tested Lines, Suntouched Bengals. It also will depend on their generation with F4 and higher being the least expensive. Bengal cats are of American origin that emerged in the 19th century. Required fields are marked *. **We have a boy available from this litter too. So when calculating the cost of a Bengal, consider the extra $100 a year you will need to pay. From the right breeding programs, that extra cost goes into getting you a cat that is well-behaved, healthy and has the traits you want from a Bengal cat. Thanks to their origin as wild cats, they are reflexive with any movements around them. They are home to stunning Bengal cats with silky furs and healthy figures. With their ability to learn fast, they can be easily trained. The price of a Bengal cat varies so dramatically because there are specific sub-breeds, plus you have to take breeders and whether the cat is a pedigree, into consideration. She’s very vocal and can easily let you know what she wants Things that can lead to a difference in base price when buying from different breeders include: Different cats are assigned different “quality levels” by the breeding industry. We also write articles on a variety of topics related to Bengal cats to give you all the help you need with your new little buddy. You agree to neuter your Bengal cat kitten after buying one at pet quality from a breeder unless it has already been neutered. These kittens have ordinary lineage and are not allowed to breed. This is a reliable breeder that you can rely on. If you do go this route, don’t forget to buy a clicker. This means that when you purchase certain products through our recommendations, at no additional cost to you, we receive a monetary reward for referring you. Even within quality levels, other traits can lead to extremely different prices. But knowing about which factors will make that price cheaper or more expensive, is also something you should learn about. She is ready for her new home now. These rescues take in abandoned, injured or abused Bengal cats and find them new homes. This is because some of the coat markings are a lot more rare than others and some coats are in much more demand than others, this will then raise the price of the Bengal kitten. This will make the shedding less prevalent and allow you to reduce the pesky cat hair all over the house. Scratching post:  Your Bengal is going to want to sharpen it’s claws. When a F1 female is bred with a male Bengal, the kittens they produce are called F2s. Top UK Breeders for 20yrs. They are more expensive than most other coats, but they sure are pretty. The cost of an adult Bengal from a Bengal cat rescue is slightly less than an adult Bengal from a breeder. Bengal cat price ranges from $150-$10,000, depending on location, the gender and quality of the cat, how many generations it is removed from the Asian Leopard cat, and whether it is an adult or a kitten. Need pet insurance? The cost of a Bengal cat, as with any price in the pet world, can vary significantly based on several factors that are more significant to the industry than the owner. 1 girl Rossetted mink £1750 The next would be spotted Bengal kittens that tend to be more expensive than those kittens that have marbled coats even though marbled coats are more rare than spotted coats, kittens with spotted coats are more popular so they tend to be more expensive. You are doing the right thing to take this kind of decision seriously, because bringing a pet into your home is a lifetime commitment and there’s a price to pay emotionally but also financially!

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