The trigger is easily the best stock shotgun trigger I’ve ever felt on a semi-auto tactical shotgun. Something big, bold, for the end of the night, is the way John Wick describes his shotgun of choice to the Sommelier at The Continental, who doesn’t need asking twice. He once killed three men in a restaurant with a pencil, a fucking pencil, after all…. 0 (0) Benelli M4 Magazine Extension, 7 Rd BENELLI M4 SHOTGUN MAGAZINE EXTENSION TUBES. I bought a Benelli M4 with the intent of sending to Taran Tactical Innovations to have it set up like the one from John Wick Chapter 2. The Benelli is like any other shotgun, and it has relatively low capacity, so keeping a little extra ammo on the gun is always a good idea. If you’re prepared to forego Ares’ blued finish, then the matte steel finish is just $790.00. Other than that, the gun’s large loading port is excellent. Processing times are now between 1-3 business days. var ThumbImageHeight = 267; Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony. It makes hitting your target quick and easy. It’s a polymer pistol, a standard sidearm that simply offers something different to the standard Glock. Taran Butler, a World Champion, was brought in to work with Reeves, who took his shit seriously. Subscribe to our email list and get exclusive access to promotions, sales events and more! if (! It’s a cat and mouse game that is largely played out in New York, before heading overseas. Still, we’d always say to go for the proper 9mm service pistol. But it seemed to do that job pretty well. The civilian M4 has a thinner barrel with a removable chokes. var BCData = {"csrf_token":"9a7fe486c3e72902d2c20ca43d866c1063698d64c5adca646e8b8ef2cef9424a"}; © 2018 Taran Tactical Innovations, LLC | All Rights Reserved | Established 2011, visa It will serve you well in home defense, range fun, or even SHTF situations. Each John Wick Benelli M4 12-gauge shotgun starts life as an OEM Benelli M4, which then undergoes a transformation by the Taran Tactical team. After, I polished the buffer and trigger; and put lighter springs in both. John Wick was a dark, fantastic film that struck a chord with all of us. The Beretta 84 is not the easiest weapon to find these days and most people prefer the Beretta 92 FS that is one of our favorite full-size pistols. // It’s a surreal moment to watch Cassian and John Wick shoot each other at close range and simply fall down in pain for a moment. Especially when your armory has two M1014s for the entire battalion. This is a serious gun that the world’s law enforcement officers and the military took to their hearts. In fact, Wick’s gun has the full Taran Tactical package. xmlHttp.send('{"initiator":{"id":"","session_id":"0978ba8f6fcf8cd868b55c76dbe6530f551d66e2","type":"ANONYMOUS","visit_id":"13febfa5-f313-42c6-a2d1-f6c4bf18a9bc","visitor_id":"e84fec3b-56d0-4569-9b8d-8a827437edb4"},"referer":{"url":""},"request":{"url":"https:\/\/\/the-store\/shotgun\/new-category\/"}}'); You can get the additional capacity from a cheap baseplate.

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