To me, the finest police drama I have seen to date. He’s a lovable anti-hero. _____________________________________________ Thanks to blutv, (it's kinda Turkish Netflix) we'll meet with our captain on July 2019. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? _____________________________________________ He was annoying in a very entertaining way. Ankara and its surrounds play a starring role, competing overtly with Istanbul as visitors from Istanbul in the episodes insult the city and those from Ankara reciprocate. The best turkish tv show, the quality of cinematography is not good but the screenplay is perfect. They're like my family. Thus, in the name of common people, Behzat Ç is the most politically charged Turkish series I have watched. As if it is the advantage of having dreams in which you become who you are in your subconscious. This is an incredibly written, directed, and acted series. The story line was very well crafted with unexpected twists. I used to be a fan of Law and Order Criminal Intent, now it seems all too fictionalized for me. They focus on the story which consists of crime scenes with secrets and enigmas in Behzat C's psychological situation and history. Harum was more difficult to handle but well you can't choose your co-workers I suppose. His immersion into the role of Behzat is nothing short of genius. They use insultive words just as all Turkish people do. The series, now in its second season, is a scripted show that is shot over the general scenery of Ankara, Turkey's capital. Read this insightful piece on this thought-provoking topic • I wish I was one of them. The leading role is quite charismatic, reckless, smart and good-hearted character but he's still perfectly natural. The characters are extremely well acted but at times annoying to watch which is what they are supposed to be and is a tribute to the professionalism of the actors. All pictures and video clips belong to their original owners, where applicable. Please ask for permission before reprints. FAQ Starring: Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Fatih Artman, İnanç Konukçu He is totally believable and although I could have lived without every second word being an F word (and very creatively used F words to boot! which is also in our Instagram bio The committee is really conservative and they tend to censor all kinds of sexual activity(mostly even kissing), insulting, blood etc. which is also in our Instagram bio There is little that is pretty about Ankara, and less that is pretty about its criminal underworld and its political machinations. View production, box office, & company info. Behzat is also partly undone by the love for his only daughter Berna, played by Hazal Kaya, well known to Turkish drama viewers. I am probably writing this because of the last scene on the 30th episode. I am "Memduh Baskan" fan. Links to … Another favourite of mine was Behzat's brother, Sevket. All brilliant in their own way but of course our Captain, Erdal Besikcioglu, must be singled out as a truly gifted actor. If you’re ever feeling murderous, the series is just the viewing to give you some ideas or release some tension. And this show clearly has the purpose of being natural. And this novel based show, is the best of it's genre in Turkey by far. But the Murder Squad believes that the colonel was murdered and the ... Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. Origins of characters shown from time to time by flashbacks usually, especially if they are related with the topic of the episode. Saw this on NETFLIX. 746, Bringing news & perspective about Turkish entertainment, art & culture to English Speakers. Akbaba is amazing. I wish though that all police officers. I will miss you, Homicide Bureau and all those characters who have made this a remarkable series. What is fascinating is portrayal of the way policing operates in Turkish Muslem society and how citizens and police have to be wary of potentially corrupt entities within a highly authoritarian state. But also there is a greater plot per season. I have learned so much having watched this series through 78 episodes. The characters are so dynamic, unpredictable, funny, loyal, and likable despite their flaws. I particularly enjoyed Episode 78 due to how incredibly honest it was. The campaign to stop the series took aim at the political doctrines of citizen freedoms depicted in the episodes and the series’ reliance on the hard drinking detective and his crew which challenged societal expectations of the police force at the time. While doing so, he must fight against his inner demons. In one episode, the team investigates a series of crimes targeting transgender women, who are snatched off the street at night, beaten by their abductors, then left for dead on the side of the road. The characters are so dynamic, unpredictable, funny, loyal, and likable despite their flaws. #geçmişolsunizmir #turkey #earthquake •. He and his team like the occasional night out, enjoying booze and the company of pretty women. Use the HTML below. Written by I have come to the end of this incredible series that has captured my attention and heart through 96 episodes. Behzat Ç. Tension is the essence of Behzat Ç when you recognize your anger at Harun – you want to commit murder yourself, but you submit instead to the brilliant portrayal of a frustrating and frustrated team as they pursue at an overarching level, a psychopathic operator. Best because it is daily life.. it is sincere.. they are not acting, it is like a window to someone's real life.. so intense, so sincere, so real.. You can find friendship, sacrifice, pain, empathy, understanding, passion, intelligence unlike modern series.. It's coming back!!! The characters are extremely well acted but at times annoying to watch which is what they are supposed to be and is a tribute to the professionalism of the actors.

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