inlays highlighted the luster of the wood grain. Some of the men who carried these rifles ranged through the Appalachian Mountains to open and settle new lands. The butt seems to angle How can we explain these very odd locks, with long thin lock plates and "slash" molding decoration filed across a rattail? Welcome to the Bedfordshire County Rifle & Pistol Association Web Site. and almost all of the inlays included a certain amount of engraving. pinned to the stock with three or four pins, depending on its length, Perhaps the answer is suggested in Calvin Hetrick's book, For your convenience you can contact us via our, Track's Bedford County flint longrifle parts, 13/16'' straight octagon barrel, .32 or .36 caliber. Stoudenour was the most prolific maker of rifles in Bedford County and is generally considered one of the finer of the Bedford County makers. 1 turn in 56" twist, in .45, .50 caliber. The Bedford Rifle 38″ full oct 52 Cal. Long hand-forged characteristic Bedford County lock plate is signed “J.S.” and the brass elongated engraved sideplate is also typical of the Bedford School. Site by. Cut rifled, with .012" to .016" deep grooves, depending on caliber. With a dedicated membership of over 300 people comprising of all ages and sexes, and both indoor and outdoor ranges at a variety of distances, the Association offers keen shooting men, women and children the perfect facilities to pursue the sport. Relief carving in a vine pattern that seems to cover and wind around the Pecatonica River Long Rifle Supply, Inc. Cheekpiece features a large 3″ oval silver inlay engraved with the American eagle. Click to view current prices and options; wood grade and furniture. Click to view current prices and options; wood grade and furniture. Each part is offered separately, so you can create your own custom rifle. Fax (815) 968-1996 PROVENANCE: See Kentucky Rifles and Pistols 1750-1850, 1976, by KRA, pp. His rifles were normally signed “J.S.”. Hanging over a fireplace, it was an object of pride, and in CONDITION: Rifle has been shortened 3-1/2 to 4″ from the rear as evidenced by the middle ramrod pipe having been moved back about that distance. Small piece of wood added forward of the lock. rifle stocks was always of the finest quality obtainable and carving and Starting at $866.32. All rights reserved. survival. Nicely relief carved to front and rear of the cheekpiece identical to the rifle pictured in Plate 131 in Hetrick’s book. Why would the Bedford County makers laboriously hand file and hand fit each lock part, long after other makers were using purchased locks? The wood used for Bedford County rifle stocks was always of the finest quality obtainable and carving and inlays highlighted the luster of the wood grain. the hands of its owner it was an important and efficient tool for This rifle was illustrated in Kentucky Rifles and Pistols 1750-1850 published by the Kentucky Rifle Association and was exhibited at the York County Pennsylvania Historical Society exhibit in 1971. Plain or decorated, carved or inlaid, with double set triggers, many options are available. Box 2791Rockford, IL  61132   US

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