Weight maintenance of Azawakhs is another important area to consider. Prong collars or pinch collars are not necessary for training an Azawakh. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azawakh Retrieved August 17, 2013. Selection of the individual dog and criteria Sam is a Male Australian Shepherd for adoption to a very loving home in or near Orlando, Florida. Johannes & Ida Nicoloaisen White bib on chest, tip of tail, white stockings on feet. What if we all lived with a reverence for each other, for each living creature? Ranch raised Champion Bred ASDR Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds. On January 1, 1981, they were accepted as a bonafide breed and were referred to as “Sloughi-Azawakhs.” In 1986, the Azawakh was finally recognized as a distinct and different breed when the “Sloughi” prefix was dropped. There are some situations that should be avoided with guardian and sighthound dogs of any breed. Breeders are strongly encouraged to test for as many diseases as possible, making it possible to make an informed breeding decision when considering a litter. Keeping them slim as they are growing permits the joints and other body parts to grow properly, without additional stress, wear and tear. More info. A firm, fair hand is called for. The first litter was whelped on October 31, 1987 by Gisela Cook-Schmidt (Reckendahl). It is important to ask the breeder you are buying a puppy from lots of questions. The Azawakh is generally a healthy breed. Breeder Selection Criteria Kel Simoon Celie; and BISS UCI Int. In 1996, they were finally recognized to run in the newly created Miscellaneous stake. FORESTBURG, TX, US. Bloat and gastric torsion, though rare, have been known to occur. Dr. Schweitzer lived his philosophy every day of his life. Also, children can abuse dogs without realizing it, and an Azawakh (or any other dog) might want to defend itself. Temperament is another area that I feel is extremely important. By Deb Kidwell, Born in Alsace-Lorraine in 1875, Albert Schweitzer was a man of many talents — philosopher, physician, musician, theologian, author and builder. The Azawakh is a very active dog, however, they run and play in spurts interspersed with long naps on the sofa. This sighthound presents itself as a rangy dog whose body fits into a rectangle with its longer sides in a vertical position. Kel Simoon Elkem, owned by Andra Walters of Canada, has been very successful in shows and has quite a following at shows and coursing events with his smiling and clowning around. These first American Azawakhs were all red or fawn with white markings. Of note, was Al Hara’s Liyat, who was awarded the CAC at the Hunstetten specialty and Bad Homburg in 2001. Azawakhs present at the ACOD were Kel Simoon Afella (Kesia) and Amastan Kel Air, both owned by Deb Kidwell. Many less “gamy” dogs do well with an indoor cat, however, bets should not be placed on the chances of a cat in the yard or the neighbor’s Pomeranian. Highly sensitive, the Azawakh should never be harshly disciplined because such treatment could truly ruin your pet by causing aggression or fear. Der Azawakh: Windhund der Nomades in Mali (in German) H.J. and stand 23-29" at the shoulders. Then, things will begin to get very difficult for our dogs. Lean and muscular of frame, their appearance should indicate swiftness when running. France is the patron country of the Azawakh under FCI rules.

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