Curly Coated Rabbits are NOT unicorns. I have is 2 blonde baby Dutch dwarf lop cross bunnies for sale. has classifieds in Winnipeg, Manitoba for pets and animals. They are already eating by themselves and are in the process of being litter trained. Excellent condition, purchased for $699.99 selling for $199.99. I have seen photos and man are they cuties!! Beautiful vintage Sylvania family doll house with Playmobile furnitures. A... Red Sparrow 4K (4K HD + Blu-ray + Digital HD) - $20 Year They all however have somesort of curl to them, that gene IS fixed. Just over 6 weeks old, ready to go to new homes on September 6. [center]Marna Kazmaier - She also breeds straight eared Astrex Rabbits. I have spent many hours on Astrex Rabbit research. ABOUT ONE YEAR... 6 month old female black comes with food, no cage ( Like NEW). Backups of DVDes we bought in case originals... SOFT & LARGE BUNNY RABBIT STUFFED ANIMAL -- MINT -- NEVER PLAYED WITH. Peter Rabbit... Death Wish (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD) - $17.95 The contents of this page for Astrex-Curly-Rabbits is still under construction. Also try checking with breeders at rabbit shows and events, YOU WILL FIND CURLY COATED RABBITS. Template By Frooition Lite! But for the most part, there is at this point, no Standard for the Breed for the now resurrected Astrex Rabbit. If you have this or know of... For a limited time, The Cavy Corner Small Animal Rescue is waiving their adoption fee on their 2 resident rabbits. Arrival 4K (4K HD + Blu-ray + Digital HD) - $17.95 $1500 Taxes in, Installation... Manitobah Mukluks Journey Moccasins - Brand New! These wheels are in great shape with just a few scratches. Come to find out, there are three lines throwing the curly coated Astrex Rabbits in N WI and they do not, as far as I could fine, come from the same rabbits. Brand new never... Make PUREBRED PEDIGREED NETHERLAND DWARFS. Include: 3 figurines 3 beds + 3 nightstands... 2 rabbit fur hats for sale. Peter Rabbit (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD) - $15.95 Introduce your rabbits to other pets wisely. These breeders may be breeding rabbits of different sizes, and ear set, but they have many documented generations of rabbits behind the rabbits they are developing. PETER RABBIT Wooden Night Light Table Lamp. There is not a lot of reliable information on the Internet about the breed yet and because it is considered a rare breed, or untalked about cull for some, many people have never heard of them. While this breed is on the books in the UK, it has been "extinct" for decades. Now I live in a smaller town in NW SD and have seen Astrex Rabbits in Feed Stores for sale more then once for $20 each. Favourite. I have a Like New Big Hugs Elmo Toy for sale! If you look around the area you live in, if you call Rex breeders in your area, if you keep your eyes open in pet stores and or farm stores, if you put up fliers in your feed mill saying that you're are looking for them, you will find them. Colour * like-new, rarely used; for TV VHF channels, or for FM radio Curly coated bunnies have showed up in many pure breeds of rabbits. *... 4 Custom 15" Rims and 2 Goodyear Eagle 205/50/R15. Trans Curly Coated Rabbits are NOT worth the kind of money that some of the websites you will see on Astrex and Curly Rabbits say they are selling for (notice they do not have any for sale). Peter Pan (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Code) - $17.95 for sale, I am interested in buying the Breed Astrex rabbit, also known as the curly rabbi. Mini Rex and Harlequins do however seem to have a higher rate of throwing the curly bunnies. Take the time to make sure it is a safe meeting. They are nearly litter friendly but it will easily come to them. We are located in Orleans. And honestly, it will not take that long. I HAVE 6 WIRE RABBIT CAGES FOR SALE. We are located in Orleans.... 1 rabbit fur hat for sale. As far as a Standard for the Breed. I get such a kick out of some folks, on the Internet, trying to convince everyone that the Astrex Rabbit is a rare thing.

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