Maybe Ashley's new job will pay her more and she can finally get that bottom row of jagged teeth fixed to match the work she had done on the top. 12:21 inappropriate and ignorant comment. For those who don't understand because of their shallowness, I asked a rhetorical question. Yet you just did the same thing. Many people like me avoid shows with profane language and prurient things done for shock value and would not let our kids watch that because of the negative effect of some media. Blackstone joined KTHV in 2006 and was promoted to morning anchor in 2011. This is the adult blog, you see worse on tv everyday and the movies you rent on the weekends. I've read many articles that show a correlation between egregious profanity use and low employee pay. Who will THV replace her morning spot with? Oh my this is too good! They were poised to be number 1 oh oh oh you almost had it, you gotta be quicker than that thv lololololol. Can you blame them? Who cares what local tv media read or do not read. 1:53 and 2:04, some people have morals. Real shame to break up the ebony and ivory duo in Alyse and Ashley. Someone with body odor may have a medical condition they can't help. By Ashley Blackstone — MONCKS CORNER, S. C. (WCIV) - The unclaimed cremated remains of three United States Veterans were buried this month at the Beaufort National Cemetery. Grow a pair & quit whining. Quotation [18] = " 'FTVLive is the Most Incrediable thing in our Business' - i24News" This is the sort of person that tears down strangers on a blog under the cover of anonymity. // Free for all; but please leave in this header. The grammar Nazi is back. Blackstone is headed back to her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. The world is not going to change for you. Just wondering. // pattern, adding to the array. Quotation [15] = " 'FTVLive Reported the Story First'- NY Times" The tip is so poorly worded you might even be the guy that sent the tip to the administrator of this blog. The world is not going to change for you. Of course he can. Acting like a child includes the use of profanity when it is not warranted. And the second thing that is wrong with your question is that you may not directly reveal your identity, but you do reveal yourself to be the stupid person who continues to mention the loser because you continuously misspell his name. That is inappropriate and shows a lack of class on the poster. Contact @11:31, You've only noticed that now? good luck to miss blackstone in s car she will be missed and to 1 44 am grow up. This byline is mine, but I want my name removed. "Everybody needs to do everything the way you think they should"You are guilty of the same thing, hypocrite. 4 years 9 months. They also would hear worse on tv and movies. Also, it's a sign that someone's MENSA score is less than their shoe size if they call people whiners for being offended by their shallow profanity use. Quotation[0] = "'Mr. function showQuotation(){document.write(Quotation[whichQuotation]);} Sara, Merideth, Dunleavey, Liz lol oh my!

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