Mixing up languages? I believe that almost all of us are capable of it in some measure. Word I need to remember? I’m Xiaoma, real name Arieh Smith. How does this relate to having a lot of languages fit in my head? ), Once Nuuk Adventures comes out, I may begin “winding it down”, but for now I’m still doing it (and I can be your teacher! Is it because I need more time? I know, counter-intuitive, right? Those who accused me of being fake when I said in Ari in Beijing’s video that I spoke seventeen to eighteen languages fluently didn’t realize that I had multiple sets of very similar languages (and in the case of the creoles of Melanesia, ones so close that even classifying them as separate languages may be debatable!). DETAIL. I hold myself to extremely high standards. You don’t want to do that. Someone who tries to tell me that I didn’t learn all of these languages when there are videos of me using them? Often too many languages learners assume that the way to learning a language is through (1) learning or (2) having a lot of interactions with native speakers. My Learning Kiribati / Gilbertese Series: My Learning Chad “ChadChad” Arabic Series: And a “podcast” of adapted blogposts from this site: Of all of these languages, my Lao is definitely the strongest, tied with Burmese for my favorite Asian Language. I associated each one with a particular character or image and that way I wouldn’t forget them. (Interestingly if I’m alternating between Swedish and Norwegian I can have some issues but that’s another story). Asia Society takes no institutional position on policy issues and has no affiliation with any government. Yes, I thought of doing it earlier this month but it didn’t really seem helpful because I think my second attempt would best be served after the polyglot conference. Imagine that you had no knowledge of your other languages in the slightest, and just needed to imitate the sounds based on what you heard, without overlaying the vowel sounds of your native language on it. Jonathan Landreth is a reporter, writer, editor, media strategist and writing coach. when do I use “the”?]). If we use a language in one of our videos, we either have to be prepared to use it with other people or explain that we’re learning it or that we forgot it. Surprisingly this does count for a lot, in part because I can detect pitches of voices and other auditory things and “capture” them in my memory. American English uses a “legato” (and for those of you who speak Italian, note how differently an American would say the word versus the way an Italian would say it and you’ll illustrate my point exactly!). Ari Smith (Xiaomanyc) on How to Learn Chinese Anywhere Jonty Yamisha is a language activist, an "accidental polyglot" in his own words, a "third-generation Circassian refugee," and the founder of OptiLingo, an audio-based language app that uses "guided immersion" to help people reach fluency in foreign languages more quickly. In 1999, Jonathan was a Founding Editor at the New York- and Beijing-based website VirtualChina. (4) I Have Musical Muscle-Memory and Perfect Pitch. I dreamed about someday being able to speak this amazing, intricate, seemingly exotic language, but I never actually thought it was possible to really get fluent. If you are a native speaker of American English, say the word “the” …note that it is a low sound that almost comes from your chin! But it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve made too many sacrifices and committed too much time to my dreams. I realize I have one shot at life and that, no matter what, I have to be the best champion I can be. Fun times. ), To Downsize the Presence of “Punishing Religion” in my Life. If I don’t live up to that, it is a liability on my reputation and I’m fully aware of that. IMMEDIATELY. From 2002-2004, Landreth covered the global oil trade for Reuters from Singapore, and from 2000-2002, he reported for Reuters in New York, covering the health and energy industries, and the attacks of September 11, 2001. Block or report user Block or report ariieh. 30-Day Speaking Challenge, or The Gift of Lao, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRW0R5Y4PeHqt8vvTo454ig?view_as=subscriber.

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