[10] It was a three-foot gauge railway. [4], In 1977, the company sold Apexco and its non-petroleum holdings, including the ranch, and reinvested into a farm-in agreement with GHK to operate its wells in the Anadarko Basin. Many other public records of our corporation are published publicly. [25], In June 2006, the company sold its oil production interest in China to Australia-based ROC Oil Company Limited for US$260 million. The 32-story imitation of the Washington Monument, became Apache's headquarters from the early 1960s until 1984. The company also has reserves in western Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle, and south Texas. Apache divides its software development activities into separate semi-autonomous areas called "top-level projects" (formally known as a "Project Management Committee" in the bylaws[8]), some of which have a number of sub-projects. Fertilizer was being sold to alfalfa, asparagus, cotton, citrus, lettuce, pecan, and wheat farmers in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Mexico. [24], In April 2006, the company acquired Gulf of Mexico Shelf properties from BP. AgustaWestland Apache The Boeing AH-64 Apache(/əˈpætʃi/) is an American twin-turboshaftattack helicopterwith a tailwheel-type landing geararrangement and a tandem cockpit for a crew of two. Among the ASF's objectives are: to provide legal protection[5] to volunteers working on Apache projects; to prevent the Apache brand name from being used by other organizations without permission. Hoijer (1938) divided the Apache sub-family into an eastern branch consisting of Jicarilla, Lipan, and Plains Apache and a Western branch consisting of Navajo, Western Apache (San Carlos), Chiricahua, and Mescalero based on the merger of Proto-Apachean *t and *k to k in the Eastern branch. [20], In 2002, the company drilled its first deepwater wells in the West Mediterranean Concession of offshore Egypt. The company is ranked 411th on the Fortune 500. [7], The district is considered "architecturally significant" for representing popular architectural styles at the time of Apache Powder's early history and association with the company, which is a significant part of Benson's history. All construction work was completed in 2008[21] and the area was classified as "Ready for Reuse and Redevelopment" in 2010. [16], In 1995, the company also acquired 315 oil and gas fields in the Permian Basin, the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast, western Oklahoma, East Texas, the Rocky Mountains and the Gulf of Mexico from Texaco. [9] In this way, the ASF gains the necessary intellectual property rights for the development and distribution of all its projects.[10]. [26], In 2007, A test horizontal well at the Van Gogh project, in Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia, produced 9,694 barrels per day. [7] The plant eventually became the largest single location for the production of dynamite in the country. [4], In 1970, the company diversified into agriculture with the acquisition of the S&J Ranch in California. [5][6][7], In 1971, the company formed Apache Exploration Company (subsequently "Apexco") as its oil and gas operating company. [45][46], In 2007, Apache CEO G. Steven Farris wrote to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in favor of limits on nonbinding shareholder proposals at public company annual meetings. The Australian government was forced to drop charges as a result of a technicality. [15], In 1927, 3,000 lb (1,400 kg) of nitroglycerine exploded at the place destroying several buildings. [16], The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has designated the site as a as Superfund site due to pollution of hazardous material contaminations requiring a long-term response to clean up. [8], Construction of the plant took about ten months, finishing in June 1921. [39], In 2020, Apache admitted its once highly touted 'Alpine High' discovery was determined to be a bust after the company spent $3 Billion on the play. The foundation states that the name 'Apache' was chosen "from respect for the Native American Apache Nation, well known for their superior skills in warfare strategy and their inexhaustible endurance". [22], The company purchased land in 1925, to provide housing for company management, from the Benson School District on West 6th Street in Benson, about 8 mi (13 km) north of the plant. [8], In 1991, the company doubled its reserves by acquiring assets from Amoco, including a position in the Permian Basin of West Texas, for $515 million and 2 million shares of Apache. The company is ranked 411th on the Fortune 500. They came to be known as the Apache Group. Production was running at one million pounds of powder per month in 1923. The explosion was heard for miles but caused no injuries. [7] After a series of additional meetings to elect board members and resolve other legal matters regarding incorporation, the effective incorporation date of the Apache Software Foundation was set to June 1, 1999.[3]. [4] The plant's location, and the Southern Pacific Railroad stop there, were referred to as Curtiss, Arizona in the 1920s. [18][19][20], The EPA finalized a treatment plan in 1994 which called for contaminated water to be pumped out and evaporated, as well as some treatment via wetlands and aquifer recharge. [3], The company is located on Apache Powder Road, in an unincorporated area just outside of St. David, Arizona. [4], In 1960, the company acquired interests in the Foshay Tower, a Minneapolis landmark. It features a nose-mounted sensor suite for target acquisitionand night vision systems. [43][44], In June 2008, the natural gas pipeline explosion at Apache's processing hub on Varanus Island led to the 2008 Western Australian gas crisis. The final building in the historic district is Spanish Eclectic with influences of Moorish, Byzantine, Gothic, and Renaissance architecture. The ASF is a meritocracy, implying that membership of the foundation is granted only to volunteers who have actively contributed to Apache projects. It occupies a historic location in Cochise County, Arizona, and is one of the county's largest employers.

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