Even at the height of that campaign, would he be in constant touch with his father? I think we probably went out again in another couple of days. They would tell him what they were doing? At the time, you think that’s the most important part, and so you do that. And I think that that has been so strong in him—well, really, in everyone—but being the youngest, because everybody looked out for Ted. I think he wanted her out of the house, quite honestly. Is there anything else about Senator Kennedy that you would want somebody who’s sitting a hundred years from now reading this transcript to know? That campaign was very Hyannis Port-orchestrated. And you might think you were going to get a real blast, and maybe you got a real blast. She has gone with the program from the word go, and it’s been great. And he supported his mother tremendously through all those terrible tragedies in her life, because by then his father was already incapacitated. It was a lovely picture. They find great comfort being out on the water. That was a tough place to squeeze into. And I found a little thing, a note of hers the other day saying, “I will not be vanquished.” That’s what she passed on to each and every one. He tried to keep that spirit that all of them could share. Not anything dramatic. I know we’re asking you to think back decades, and it’s not an easy thing to do. She was born in 1883 in Bairnsdale, Victoria Australia. As a tribute to Senator Kennedy's 47-year career, gifts of $47 and up recognize you as a Friend of the Institute. What’s been happening in your life? The more I listen to myself, the worse it sounds. But he did have some good times! All three of the boys. So I would think that was really in his life. Well, I can’t remember last week. Knott. But you can’t deal with a better guy. Where you—. They had us all in this little room, and—much to the consternation of the doctors, I think—Ted was insisting—he was flat-out, but just insisting—that his dad see the x-rays and give them his opinion. Learn about Welcoming Words, a K-2 program >, Learn about The Citizen's Senate: Women's Fight for Suffrage >. They would wait for a reaction, and according to the reaction, they’d—. But that was the end of it. He always made his dad a very important part of what was going on. Whatever you did, you could come home and have great support. As years go by, as we all know, the years don’t become as important. She believed that so firmly, and it got passed along. Inside and outside, everything was revolving around getting Jack elected. I’m sure those doctors thought they had the whole thing solved. Not so many, but a lot of big things happened in those years. It doesn’t always get answered the way we want it to, but I think she prayed for the strength to go through it. —or taking pictures. Jack always used to say, “You know, if I walked across the stage, slipped on a banana peel, and went sliding, if I called, Dad would say, ‘That was so graceful! Thomas G. King, 48 years old, a British Overseas Airways corporation executive, and Miss Gargan, 34, of Norwell, Mass., were married Thursday in a private ceremony in Boston attended only by members of the family. We’d get one of those calls. Yes. And I’m just saying that off the top of my head, jump out of the frying pan into the fire. Family. Born in Dublin, Ireland on Aug. 25, 1936, Sr. Roberta entered the… But Ted did take the time, and he did process things. And they were pretty ready to call it. Among those attending the ceremony were Senator and Mrs. Kennedy. All those little vignettes that are outward seen on a public platform, or with the…. Boston, MA 02125. But there were some years there, with his mom and dad, we’d go to Cannes in the summer or to Antibes and that kind of thing. But as I said, when things would go wrong, he’d say, “Oh, boy,” like any of us. On Sunday, March 29,2020, Terence Gargan of New Rochelle, NY, crossed the bar at the age of 85. That was the center of the universe, so there was nothing else in the world to do except be a part of that. Yes, it was a very long night. I know that’s a lot to ask, but maybe some childhood memories might be the best place to start. I didn’t spend as much time in those years with Ted as Mary Jo and Joe did, as I was the little one who they’d just as soon stayed home! They knew, no matter what they did, they had a support system. Funeral services by Bissler & Sons Funeral Home and Crematory. And still, he’d always try to bolster his parents, and he’d always come home and ride in the car to the dentist with his dad, or take him out on the boat, or whatever. And he tried to pass that on to the children of the next generation. She was preceded in deathbyher parents, Sylvester and Cecil Gargan; sister, Mary Ellen Deane; and brothers, Niall and Sid. Yes, because you see, they were very young when the family was in England. Generally, the youngest is the runner, and Ted was the runner of his group. Not for a minute. His little group—Caroline [Kennedy Schlossberg] and John [Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr.]—it really was great. If not, we understand. And I think Ted preserved a lot of those memories for this generation, who obviously never knew Grandpa Fitz. To have people you love in that kind of trouble is not pleasant. And Ted went with his dad, stuck with his opinion—I think much to the horror of the medical profession. Isn’t it lucky that he’s able to do that? I have to go back over all those years. We had access to those two boats for races, and with two boats, I generally went on one as either ballast or maintaining the jib.

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