yeah that makes sense. I have to say, I'm honestly more disappointed than I thought I'd be. Never should have had a customer involved and the only things Brandon and neck tattoo douche should have been involved in is helping their side with their ideas but beyond that it should have been just the 2 of them, their ideas for what they’d like to build and everyone else should have been background (still on screen obviously). Also seems like he tries to get together with his father etc. This company doesn’t make a product. From the second he did that (up through the part I'm at now), creatively it has been a nightmare. - June 4, 2019 03:10 am EDT. Can be anywhere in the country. Didn’t help he kept getting shot down and had minimal to do with this ‘build’. Man, did Senior make himself look terrible in this episode. Such a massive disappointment. This was a pointless ‘special’. I thought Paulie handled a lot of it really well, his father, not so much. It was nice to see everyone again but the entire premise was whack. Jason’s ego seems to have exploded. Feel bad for Jr. Jr. seemed really out of it, medicated almost, numb. Sr. just seems to get worse as the years go on. I personally run a business with my father. by Trevor Kimball, February 6, 2010. Not all for Sr’s side. All rights reserved. More posts from the americanchopper community, Press J to jump to the feed. They had what I thought was a real shot at doing something really cool, repairing their relationship in the first shop, working together, and it turned into Sr controlling the project from start to finish because he brought a client in on it. Yeah, going a lot better because Junior internally gave up trying to put anything creative at all once he saw the exhaust. Now if a company has something to do with that industry, I can see this working for them. I also think Paul Jr. just needs to move on from his father. In … The bike was nice but not what I thought the episode would be like at all. I cherish the years that I've spent working along side my old man. Sr’s crew also come off as a bunch of yes men, trying to ride the past glory of the company and the tv show. As soon as Sr brought up ABC, and mentioned they had been in talks, my stomach dropped. Floyd, Breonna Suspects Got It, Why Can't I?!? We've always gotten along and respected each other, because we have always listened to each other's views on things. He just changed the exhaust without even calling Jr. If you want to do it for me, the employee, cut me a check. You can’t do it with those types of people. Rumors of the series’ possible cancellation comes in the midst of Teutul Sr.’s financial turmoil, the star currently locked in a bankruptcy case and facing accusations that he failed to to send the trustee in the case necessary documents. I really felt for him when he had to step away from the build a couple times because he knew his father never really cared about building a bike together but rather just another payday. Edit: I just got to the part where Jr said "what I thought would be a father and son build, has turned into an OCC and son build" and he hit the nail on the head. Let’s face it, a lot of these bikes are tacky and unrideable. Vinnie explains a lot on his YouTube channel and has moved on from custom bikes. The last episode of American Chopper will air on February 11th at 9pm on TLC. Same corporate suits spousing the same jargon. Throughout its history, American Chopper has had a notably bumpy ride that has been marked in network moves, cancellations, and revivals. Then I remember the reboot episodes, when it looked like Junior, out on his own and growing his PJD brand, was really making inroads at repairing their relationship, even as Senior kept digging in his heels. But I guess that's how life really is to some degree and it seems like some of their pain and hurt of their relationship is still there. In February of 2010, American Chopper had been canceled by TLC, though it was revived in a new series, American Chopper: Senior vs. Jr. has his faults but it seems like he genuinely tried to forge his own way and identity. That guy Josh seems like a good fabricator but came off like a complete tool. Plus Sr. is getting up there, I'd imagine he isn't too far from retirement. Enjoy your own success and direction in life. But hopefully this is a step to repairing their personal relationship, if not their working relationship. Completely lost all sense of reality and is. All the time you spent bickering and fighting over stupid shit you don't get back. I was hoping this would be a bike they would build together, for themselves, no client, limited team, etc. Even though Paulie specifically said the needed to cut back the oil tank to fit the style, etc, I was pleasantly surprised that Sr didn't jump all over them. Junior, on the channel. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Download the TMZ App on the Apple App Store, Download the TMZ App on the Google Play Store. The revamped series featured Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr., with the masters of their craft "[pushing] their design abilities to the limits" at Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr. I never understood the mentality if having one of these overpriced bikes made with your company all over. He’s that guy that never grows up. The series is now being revived for 2018. These reveals remind me of every cut and paste corporate event I ever went to. Seems to be in it for the limelight. Some other quick hit thoughts. Maybe build a bike that gets auctioned off for charity or for a cause. It has outstayed its welcome by several years. Changing Jr's work, not giving an inch creatively, etc. Currently, no official announcement has been made. I think this episode was a little bit sad. The future of Paul Teutul’s Discovery Channel series American Chopper is in jeopardy. Designs. The early days with Vinnie and Rick were great. Same, the bike was bland, as usual with OCC post Junior era and Seniors controlling we need to go by the cities even though ABC said go crazy was stupid. They didn’t even utilize th old shop, central to the story of this special much at all. All these ‘reunions’ are futile. After the special American Chopper: Shaq Bike aired in 2014, Discovery Channel brought American Chopper back as a regular series in 2018. “Season 2 is over. What senior Isnt understanding Is just that. The series originally aired on Discovery Channel back in 2003, though in March of 2007, it moved to TLC. His home is New York and Orange County Choppers is thriving.”. The custom bike thing fell apart all over the place.Back in the day, several similar shops popped up where I live. Does this mean that the mercurial relationship between father and son is over. Sr. has had various legal and financial issues. Junior, on … An overly defensive cry baby whenever someone challenges his design. Anyone else clap when Junior put the concept photo up against the bike they had on display at the meeting? Started off ok but as soon as he said he had a client you knew where this was headed. A rep for TLC tells us, "The Teutuls will always be a part of the Discovery family and we congratulate them on a tremendously successful series run.". Joan Kay is creepy and stiff. Senior was just done with him after that. I miss these guys and hope they are doing well with things behind the scenes. But It seems the old man just won't let the past and ego go. Long read but you are 100% correct on everything you said. Get TMZ breaking news sent right to your browser! Mikey is just annoying. Oh look, let’s all fawn over the blue collar normal guys with tattoos up on stage and the bike our company wasted money on while we get no bonuses and get downsized. For Discovery Channel, Craig Coffman and Todd Lefkowitz are executive producers with Brian Peterson serving as producer. I just got to the part where they brought the bike back after working on the exhaust and oil tank at PJD. The source added that Teutul is planning to move to Del Ray Beach, Florida, and wants to relaunch a YouTube channel after his time with the series has ended, though a second source noted that all hope for American Chopper is not lost, as “the show has been resurrected multiple times.”, “Nothing is set in stone with that show — and nothing ever set in stone with them,” the insider claimed. Waiting for your permission to load the comments. Not another corporate bike. I hope there's more in the future and I would certainly be interested but I feel like this show could be better served somewhere else other than what Discovery is now. As a long time fan of the show since the beginning, I feel like it's always been easy to root for everyone in the family, despite their flaws, and maybe my expectations were too high that this would be a more heartwarming step. This Thursday's episode will be the series finale of the show. How many companies need custom bikes? Just watched this and have some thoughts: It was hard to watch. What a terrible way to end the series. Senior came off worse than usual and that's say something. Another corporate bike: I had hopes for this special episode but as soon as Sr. stepped in with another corporate bike it was over in minutes. This episode had a sad and pointless tone to it. Tool companies, bike accessory companies that provide parts for these builders, welding companies etc. Entertainment Tonight/TV Guide Network. "[pushing] their design abilities to the limits", the star currently locked in a bankruptcy case. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Bu no it’s hey I cut lawns, let me get a six figure unrideable bike made while I pay my employees crap. The approach senior forced to fabricate this bike just ended up feeling very disconnected, flat, boring and just melancholy.

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