With the Cycle Show just around the corner, news reached us that Ison Distribution (Surly & All-City’s UK distributors) had plans to offer the bikes with new UK-centric specifications. It rolls on 650bx47mm WTB Horizon tires. You could even swap in an aftermarket 50 or 55 rake carbon fork to the surly and take probably 2 pounds off. Already have an account with us? The Midnight Special is available in eight sizes with geometry that appears to be quite neutral. Reportedly, this hefty ape climbs like a famished panther. Many buyers swapped out the 2.4” WTB Riddlers for more all-purpose tires. The All City Gorilla Monsoon “A bike that blends the best of the categories of cross, touring, and MTB into one slam-bang package of goodness”. BikeRide is reader-supported, and sometimes we receive commissions for links you click on. Pot-holes and rough roads be damned, this bike will take 650b tires up to 60mm (2.35in) wide and 700c tires up to 42mm wide. Posted on February 18, 2018 by WCB. Translated from ‘Marketing Speak” – the Gorilla Monsoon in All City’s take on a monster cross bike. How To Improve Cheap, Mechanical, ONE Piston Disc Brakes For More Braking Power. Tasting some bourbon and weekly bike culture commentary. BikeRide works hard to help you find the lowest prices and information on each bike from the widest possible range of sources. By PDKL45 in forum Surly Replies: 262 Last Post: 06-24-2020, 03:15 PM. …not a whole lot. All-City’s finish was delectable, with a bi-plane fork and shaped bosses. The Gorilla Monsoon frameset is built from “612 Select” steel tubing, All-City’s standard 4130 chromoly tubeset that is used for most of their daily use/touring models. The company’s latest creation is the Midnight Special, a versatile all-road bike that’s up to speed with the latest component standards. At 28 lbs, one reviewer found the Gorilla somewhat slow to accelerate. Being a Surly, it still sports three pairs of water bottle mounts along with rack and fender mounts. I think it’s a contemporary build with contemporary geometry that’s addressing the needs of the gravel rider or dirt-tourer of today. Support the channel! BikeRide finds and shows you the best prices of the bikes you want to buy. What don’t I like..? Visit surlybikes.com for more information. Trying out a new format. Surly Bikes has carved out a niche by developing sensibly-priced steel bikes that meet real-world needs. Subscribe today and get the next 3 issues of your favourite cycling magazine for just £5! Surly’s Midnight Special pairs road geometry with fat tires, The Surly Midnight Special is a go-anywhere dropbar bike with massive tire clearance, The Midnight Special is Surly’s take on a modern steel road bike, A 44mm head tube for tapered fork fitment, It wouldn’t be a Surly if fat tires didn’t fit, The frame is designed for direct-mount brakes, The complete Midnight Special rolls on the fast and comfortable 650bx47mm WTB Horizon tires, The Midnight Special will fit a wide range of riders, The All-City Gorilla Monsoon is a monster-cross machine, How cycling can help improve your mental health | 6 tips for the coronavirus pandemic, Best Christmas gifts for all types of cyclists, BikeRadar Builds | Alex’s Marin Alpine Trail custom test bike, The Surly Big Draggler might just be the fastest cargo bike out there, $1,799 complete / $625 frameset (UK and Australian pricing TBC).

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