Still nothing! On occasion, users are unable to access their Shadow. During the subscription flow and in at my account page, it says "Available on within 24 hours". Z zosly Explorer; 3 replies 26 days ago 5 October 2020. If pre-order date is between July 30th - August 20th:Activation by end of December 2020If pre-order date is August 20th or later: Activations this week:July 28th - August 4th, If pre-order date is between August 4th - August 20th:Activation by end of November 2020, To learn what “Activation” means and what it takes to activate your Shadow, check out this post: We are exploring ways to get more activations done this week.Â. This means that we are, for now, still limited in terms of scaling Shadow Ultra and Shadow infinite to the size we aimed for in the initial pre-order phase. Let your voice be heard. However, the new activation date for Shadow Boost is in June (both for activation and price change) Can I be activated on Shadow Boost now? Get the latest news from Shadow every week! @Greta from ShadowHi Greta, do you have any (new) information on when extra storage might become available for existing Amsterdam customers? hi my sub is gone say it started june 9 when i go try log in it still not let me in i order april 28. Other then that it works the same as if you were using a computer but no rumble support. When did you preorder and what region are you in? Well that’s actually quite simple: We know it’s for a very good and necessary cause, but this would block Shadows for others to use. Can I remove/add storage? Learn more about our cookies. No real competitor, and a total waste of business for such a high demand, I don't get it. As noted in the post, this is only for Shadow Boost. If you're an existing customer, please order Boost from your account page, under the Subscription & Billing tab. If pre-order date is September 6th or later: Activations this week:September 9th - September 11th. Game icon keeps saying connecting to game and I get sound. We've noticed a lot of questions, speculation and comments regarding activation. Yes, in the past, we have encountered similar problems as we do with Shadow Ultra and Shadow Infinite. To give better visibility as you wait for your Shadow, we’ll be sharing detailed information about Shadow Boost activations here on the forum, updated each week.Times given are estimations, not exact science (yet). (@BrittaneyFromShadow). Are we talking about 2019, when talking about Order Date?? Times given are estimations, not exact science (yet). Activations for preordered additional storage are now over.Â. Why haven't I heard from you about my activation? You can check which datacenter you belong to here. The purpose of this infographic is to give visibility on the pre-order system. Learn more about our cookies. To make sure that those queues are not getting too long, while someone is not using their Shadow at all, we updated our shutdown policy exceptionally for this situation. Thanks in advance! If you have any more questions about this, be sure to ask on the section of the forum related to similar topics . Off to try things out. If we have any news, you will be the first to know! We'll send an initial announcement email in Summer 2020. Shadow Boost will be activated. Also they have a website re-design and more Storage now available. Still have questions after reading this article? Am I getting access within 24 hours? You can choose which cookies you want to accept. Reading more closely up-thread, seems like it’s “sometime in the next two months”. I can’t wait anymore   please active my account. With that, it comes to no surprise that streaming and Internet-based services now play an even more important role in our lives, promoting a significant uptick in use.Â. Together. This is a forum signature and you read it. I’m hoping that there are plans to address the delays or at least get Paris datacentre up to speed with the other datacenters. (no waiting) No. We'll send you an e-mail with instructions to reset your password. We are monitoring everything closely to let you know as fast as possible what the status in our data centers is. 49. Will I still be automatically activated on Shadow Ultra or Shadow Infinite if I choose the 12-month (annual) temporary Shadow Boost subscription? If John does not try to launch his Shadow again during the 10 minute window, he'll lose his position in the queue.Â. The Latest activation information is a very nice addition. As of March 12th, new customers can now subscribe to Shadow Boost from the Shadow store. A good place to start is always with, Below is the activation information by datacenter. Yes, once activated on Shadow Ultra or Shadow Infinite, the original subscription chosen at the time of pre-order will be activated, and therefore any commitment made on Shadow Boost will be void. All users that ordered prior to February 19th with an April delivery date have been activated.Â. We will do our best to keep this estimate updated for our customers. I’m in the UK and ordered on 11/4 , how do I know which data centre I will be in? Well if you have the new shield don't use the AI upscale it makes it lag. There are no delays to announce at this time. You can change to either the monthly or annual plan for Shadow Boost. To know if Shadow Boost is available live in your region, please check the indicated date on the shop. We use cookies to enhance and personalize your experience. If not, I appreciate the consistent rate of activation. Some regions may experience different activation times based on demand, availability, and whether you have an existing Shadow subscription. 52. Everyone not using their Shadow for a period of consecutive 30min, will be logged off automatically. See our Frequently Asked Questions in this article for updates. It is therefore necessary to indicate your choice! Going to use a shield for game streaming through steam. To still make sure that most of our hardware is being used and not just collecting dust, we onboard users up until an estimated threshold of peak time. Users who subscribed to the $12.99 Special Offer have been automatically adjusted to reflect the new price as of late April. rust brought to you by shadow. The date is available in the personal space. Thanks Ryan for the info! Complete the required fields in the form to the best of your ability. If order date is before May 26th:Originally delayed to next week. Contact us for assistance! See our official Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact Support for assistance. For more information, please see this article: How do I get additional storage for my Shadow? Come and join the conversation with all the #TeamShadow community on Discord and our social media. If order date is between May 26th-June 1st: End of Week target:Latest activation has April 29th pre-order date, End of Week target:Latest activation has April 28th pre-order date, End of Week target:Latest activation has May 3rd pre-order date.

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