That means making it more rewarding for him to invest some gold in durability, as well as making it less punishing for him to use his abilities. “What’s happening? Copyright © 2020 Robin Scott. When we have talked about Aatrox, we’ve typically focused on his self-heal based gameplay, and how difficult it is to maintain. E healing increased. If I lose the mayor's election, I will find you. I slay. Ask us anything! In ancient times, long before desert sands swallowed the empire, a mighty champion of Shurima was brought before the Sun Disc to become the avatar for a now forgotten celestial ideal. E now resets attack timer. Base health regen growth increased. !” the mortal screams. Aatrox is a mayoral candidate and also Maddox's brother in law. v7.16 1.6MB. The Darkin Blade benefitted from his on-hit bonuses proccing on wards: Thirst is a heal and Price stacks the Blood Well. Passive cooldown now scales based on level. Gamepedia's League of Legends Esports wiki covers tournaments, teams, players, and personalities in League of Legends. Aatrox was his name. R cooldown decreased at early ranks. We discussed special-casing Aatrox to let W continue proccing on wards, but came up against another issue. The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account, Add Aatrox voice in skyrim for the player perfect for a bloodthirsty daedra/ bloodthirsty immortal creature, This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions. Riot Games does not endorse or sponsor this project. We're focusing on improving his access to priority targets: Dark Flight is now a more reliable tool for diving the backline, while Massacre’s increased additional attack range will boost his reach as he’s wailing on his foes. Tikaram is the son of an Indian-Fijian British Army officer, Pramod Tikaram, and a Sarawakian mother ... Voice acting & narration Q damage increased. What if I’m hidden for thousands of years? If you vote for me, you slay too!, If I lose the mayor's election, I will find you., Why talk? R no longer revives Aatrox; amplified self-healing increased; cooldown decreased. Patch 9.6 E passive healing against non-champions decreased. A few clarity improvements will help enemies make the best choice when deciding when and if to kill him the first time or wait out the clock to deny the revive. Raging against this injustice, he arrived at a solution that could only be born of a prisoner’s desperation. Patch 9.9 The flesh he stole and crudely shaped began to feel like a mockery of his former glory—a cage only slightly larger than the sword. Aatrox now pulls targets even when they're untargetable. All rights reserved. I lost control. If you somehow can magically pull Kaji's voice out from Olaf, and Hideo's from Aatrox with those filters you must be some fucking magician. I cut them apart, and drink in their forms, recrafting this body to my needs. We're trading his ability to sustain off minions for higher baseline regen so he can't fall back as effectively on passive farming to recover from enemy aggression. v8.16 Now, blood and ichor drips from this stolen flesh as it decays. Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Q timer freezes while reviving. E distance increased. v8.18 Perk 3Pathfinder This page was last edited on 20 October 2020, at 10:20. True to his nature as an unkillable ancient terror, Aatrox survived the nerfs we threw at him during preseason and is still savaging both pro and regular play. v7.5 Cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds when Aatrox hits a champion or large monster with a spell or attack, doubled when hitting with the Edge of  The Darkin Blade. This mechanic was originally added to let players explore the possibility of jungle Aatrox, which never really took off. The fighting has not ended. Aatrox is struggling to impose himself in teamfights these days. I force my new shape—limping, crawling—toward the sounds of battle. A better host. Health regen increased. Aatrox is a champion in League of Legends. 14 Mar 2020, 11:36AM. Aatrox traveled the land, searching desperately, endlessly, for a way return to his previous Ascended form… but the riddle of the blade proved unsolvable, and in time he realized he would never be free of it. Now unstoppable during Q’s descent. As it stands, Aatrox is always perched on a fine line between smashing everything and not having any options at all. Multi hits only reduce the cooldown once. I hear their souls retreating from this world. I must will my form upright. Erik Ireland is a voice actor from The United States of America, known for voicing Aatrox in League of Legends. We removed the ability to lifesteal off wards during preseason, and Blood Thirst’s heal is inconsistent with that change. We're pulling some of his early game power in exchange for some more late-game consistency. Instead, like a fire, I burned too quickly, destroying even my host’s form., About Leaguepedia | League of Legends Esports Wiki. Isshin Chiba (千葉 一伸, Chiba Isshin, born June 26, 1968 in Kesennuma, Miyagi, Japan) is a Japanese voice actor who appeared in 35 films since he first started acting in 1990 and is best known for doing the voice of Jin Kazama from the Tekken series. [bonus physical damage dealt to anything], 25% of the damage dealt when stabbing a minion, (based on level) of the target's maximum health, (lvl 1-18) of the target's maximum health, [120/180/240 flat for 1 second on cast and while out of combat during World Ender], 60/80/100% decaying over World Ender's duration, [10-50% Aatrox's maximum health (based on Blood Well)], total attack damage (numbers rounded because they're gross), BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where the stance effect would sometimes trigger every 2 attacks instead of 3, Passive Attack Speed changed to 30/35/40/45/50/55% (upgrades every 3 champion levels) (from 50% flat), Damage reduced to 75/110/145/180/215 (from 75/120/165/210/255). I am choking. I want to scream, to tear at my face, to wail—but I am trapped. Whether mistaken for a demon or god, many tales have been told of the Darkin Blade... but few know his real name, or the story of his fall. Removing Umbral Dash's second charge makes Aatrox's skill check for landing all three Q hits steeper and means if enemies can bait his dash, he won't have a second one to use as an escape. Manual download; Preview file contents. The heavenly powers that Aatrox had once embodied had been wiped from the world, and all memory. Uploaded individual Voice Packs and new Voices! I will drink from that city, but I will achieve only a grotesque mockery of my former glory. A deadly warrior and brilliant military leader, Atriox inspired many others to join him in exile. E passive healing increased at later ranks. I defended this world in the greatest battles ever known. Patch 9.12 Mid Aatrox is now using it in tandem with Smite to create a lead his opponents have no real way to punish, so we're removing it as an unintended lane strength. Just slay., Maddox always hiding. Can he see me? This patch, we're dropping his damage across the board (higher E cooldown means less reliability on Q) but are especially focusing on his early game. From Leaguepedia | League of Legends Esports Wiki. 20% chance to find rare drops. This mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points. Aatrox is a champion in League of Legends. I would be left here. Aatrox's voice is one of the things I love most about his aesthetic. I must find a better wielder. These changes are already live; we’re just putting them here as a reminder. Where last patch focused on dropping Aatrox's raw power, this patch focuses on exposing more weaknesses for the Darkin Blade. I crashed into them. AAtrox Voice PL for Male character Light. Blood Well now gives a large buff when filled. His new passive is much more difficult to access in the jungle than the old one, so we’re tuning that. v7.6 Date uploaded. E recharge time increased. Wersja lekka dla meskiego bohatera mniej wkurzająca. Though his grasp of such magics had been limited in life, he learned to take control of a mortal in the span of single breath, and in battle he discovered he could feast on his victims to build himself ever larger and stronger. I cannot move. As I reaped, I reforged their flesh into a better approximation of my true shape. R bonus attack damage increased. R bonus attack damage increased at later ranks. Sort by. Health costs reduced. Never fearing any foe, Aatrox and his armies were ready, and he realized only too late that they had been deceived. Turns out, a bit of the latter, so we’re doing some cleanup work. It was raining when we fought. Rather than number tuning to make the revive less powerful, we’re making mechanics changes across the board to even the scales between reliable power that's valued in pro and power that's more fitting of Aatrox’s fantasy.

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