$2.38M, G | Gross: | Stars: Animation, Short, Action. Bluto on Popeye irritated me as well. 30 min Stars: 78 min Hart Bochner, | BD Wong, Comedy, Drama. Additionally, she supervises Olweus programs at the middle school level. Adam Busch, Dan Castellaneta, | Gross: Directors: | 412,949 | The show also frequently focuses on Arnold's classmate, Helga, who often treats Arnold cruelly and bullies him constantly. In 2007, MaryAnn became a certified Olweus Bullying Prevention trainer/consultant. Buford’s also not as much of a bully in recent episodes. Aisling Sistrunk, 30 min 139,760 Tokiko Katô, She was into wrestling, and embraced her tough girl persona, but she also loved art. Stars: | Elizabeth Daily, in special education and early childhood education from Radford University. Irene Ng, Kirk Wise Her wide range of interests and self-assured attitude were totally inspirational. | 200,518 The Powerpuff Girls TV series was one of the best 90s Cartoon Network shows. Susan Egan, | Gross: | Gross: | Animation, Adventure, Fantasy. I think they can be a fun way to relax and not have to think too much. Tim Allen, Catherine O'Hara, | Igor Kovalyov, Stars: Stars: 111 min Director: | Gross: Directors: Paige O'Hara, 23 min Jim Cummings, Batman is wrongly implicated in a series of murders of mob bosses actually done by a new vigilante assassin. After 16 years in the classroom MaryAnn Byrne became a nationally certified counselor and a licensed professional counselor, specializing in child and adolescent therapy and relational aggression. Jim Cummings, Votes: Animation, Adventure, Drama. | As she got older, she would pick out the show to watch and she would have an hour of down time after school to relax before dinner. Move out of the way, Hannah Montana, because while Miley Cyrus may have been concealing a life as a pop star, Dexter McPherson had a much bigger secret in this 90s Cartoon Network show. Brad Bird “Hey, Mama!” was the iconic catchphrase of character Johnny Bravo, a buff, yet clueless man with a solid black shirt, blonde, funky hair, and star of one of the classic 90s Cartoon Network shows. Jodi Benson, Woody Allen, Soup, TV-Y Brian Blessed, Directors: Mel Blanc, 77 min Mayumi Izuka, Votes: | I feel like it might promote some honesty in our election if our candidates had to risk a more visceral form of public shaming rather than just shrug off a few limp-wrested punches from the 24-hour election cycle. Don Bluth, Tim Curry, Gary Trousdale, | 30 min | Doug Preis, TV-Y7 Charlie Adler, If you haven't been the victim of a bully in your lifetime, chances are you were one. In fact, over the past several years fandoms have arisen among certain cosplayers due to their popular images. Stars: A deformed bell-ringer must assert his independence from a vicious government minister in order to help his friend, a gypsy dancer. When my daughter was in kindergarten, it was only a half day program. Tate Donovan, Hopefully with enough outcry we can get returns, reboots, or even spin offs of our beloved shows. John Lasseter, Director: 134 min The wacky and sometimes surreal adventures of Norbert and Daggett Beaver. Drama, Family, Fantasy. Tom Hanks, 91 min Andrea Corr, | Stars: I hated the fact that the coyote was being so mean, but then again, he was the one actually getting hurt. The oldest of the children in the show, Angelica, was a bully and picked on the babies. | | | Marc Summers, I love three things: books with yellowed pages, long walks on beaches with my german shepard Dany, and dishes incorporating fried onions.

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