Here, we will align with the latter. If you’re in the market for a new miter saw, you should check out my guide on miter saws here. 0000010049 00000 n Usually if you still can’t get the miter joint to close perfectly, it’s because you either cut one piece too long (or too short), or the blade itself was not perpindicular (90 degrees) from the base.

If you cut a piece too long, the miter joint would look something like this –. How to Set Up Your Miter Saw to Make a Perfect Cut. I either get it just right, or I get it close enough and I dress it up while joining. One good thing about this method is that it magnifies a little error, making it possible for you to really set up the accuracy with more precision. Angled sides are used in all types of woodworking—think cradles and serving trays. 0000008983 00000 n

Sides: Piece Thick Sides Flat Miter ? Miter angle (of deviation or bend) of flat piece - eg: 90° corner = 45° Flat Miter 60° corner = 30° Flat Miter. 0000001913 00000 n

FRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK if you have questions or want to discuss anything woodworking! I picked up this trick from The Family Handyman. Then hold the board in position for the ‘B’ cut, and secure a stop block against the back end.

�㦈s��T�h~�@@�ʨe �Ѝ������Aw����\�k��L�28�9���\\��a��Р����n� Ŀ�Ry 6��R+o9�ۉ�h�C��|m�z����?^;-]��G��қ����Y�"��9㥎*f�-����HV�R��&�"E��\�2(�-Ñ˥ Q�62̂�I�5�i��H|ఎ���&\ľĪC��ݘ:'i�Q�����i�{�[�)��"!� r��E�vb�=Q�Qw�[��K�r��HA���@K��u����}��%��� �A��Q����]~�[Z&�Dm�=�,�|�M;^�.�tziekcB�(�OB�vtæ;����`� �mLQ3#N� I feel like it would be easier to be precise if I have it to have it to hold my workpiece steadier, but is it a big deal if I just have my friend hold the other end and feed it into the saw after I make each cut? Method 2 of Setting Up a Miter Saweval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'mitersawjudge_com-box-4','ezslot_12',165,'0','0'])); This second method is similar to the first method except that you will require a square. 0000005878 00000 n 0000000856 00000 n Take out a piece of test material. This comprises a sacrificial fence that you normally fit to the fence of the miter saw. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. In this way, you will have a straight cut. Place the line on the kerf you made on the fence.

If you want to cut perfect miters with this set up, you’ll want to do some test cuts first. 394 0 obj <> endobj Think picture frame or a framed table top. %%EOF This is fine if it’s a small discrepancy and still leaves a clean looking joint. A jointer is one of those tools known for their vicious bites. God has blessed him with a beautiful family, as well as a passion for teaching others about woodworking. 0000016535 00000 n He considers himself a 'Small Shop Woodworker' and practices his hobby in his garage. �kh�4)�Ƚ�1v�]lX�a��u,Q8��tԲl2�:p)����%�*�W��3��~`*�S�S�[�ҍ(Je@3AYׄ���,���0Z�Q%f���FY��]��5�ug#$�b�F�*�B����R\Y�J�F��q�L�X+��?���m������qf�d}����2����&�"t/�MkD�c���N��{М���홗R�п���y��B�)��Ȱ�Y[�9Q�x��1���0��$VW��8Q��H�/� :hXf

So, how much PPE should you really have? Just as mentioned above, the boards’ dimension should be close to your miter’s maximum cutting capacity. Also a zero-clearance throat plate for you miter saw can help. Use your speed square to initially set the angle of the miter gauge. This is done with stop blocks on your miter sled. 0000001657 00000 n The outward-sloping sides of these projects require cutting compound angled joints that can … Compound miter cuts are where the saw is both in a miter position and a bevel position at the same time. I want to show you my methods for how to cut perfect miters every time. The next thing that you should do is to check the cut you’ve made. So in the diagram above, side 1 and 3 must be the same, and also sides 2 and 4 must match. How much is too much PPE? I’m Adam, and I’m a small-shop woodworker.

I always seem to get more tearout on the back end of the cut when using the miter saw.

Keep the miter saw close and place the square in the interior corner. Any error from a perfect 45 degrees gets compounded together 8 times, so by the time you get all four pieces lined up for your frame, there would be a noticeable gap. That means you can use a framing square to square up the fences when attaching them to the base. If you are using a compound miter saw, you have to check the bevel as well. The gap’s size should be double the amount your saw is off. I’m trying to make a minimalist shelving unit with glass shelves and I don’t have any small tools like a router or anything that would make the cut for me. 394 28 In such desperate times, we put our trust in a table saw… Read more…. Is it safe to use a miter saw for making precise cuts of uniform size to be used to hold glass panels? Remember that the corners must be cut opposite each other. If you make this “auxiliary” fence longer than the pieces you’re cutting, you can easily clamp-on a stop block to make sure opposite sides are the same length. Either of these methods can come in handy to assist you in setting up your miter saw to deliver a perfect cut. 0000002763 00000 n About The Author Adam has been woodworking for the last 10 years.

xref 421 0 obj <>stream First go through and make all the ‘A’ cuts on each of the 4 boards. Although most woodworking joints are constructed at 90-degrees, there are times when design trumps everything and seemingly complex mathematics comes into play. The angle is measured between the two pieces – 90° is a 4-sided box, 120° is 6-sides, etc. 0000006546 00000 n ���F��^���%+�Hc A compound cut consists of two angles, the bevel angle and the miter angle. 0000002640 00000 n One important fact that you should bear in mind is that you will only get a precise 90-degree cut if you properly set up your miter saw for this specification. I would recommend attaching an extended fence to your miter gauge for better board support. 0000011265 00000 n

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