Der Name Oaxaca wurde später auf den Staat übertragen. Michoacán | [17], A series of major disasters occurred in the state from the 1920s to the 1940s. Im Süden grenzen ihn rund 600 km Küste von dem Pazifik ab. [109], This article is about the state., „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. Sea turtles used to be exploited for both their meat and eggs but this was stopped by the federal government in the 1990s. Despite Spanish domination, the indigenous peoples of Oaxaca have maintained much of their culture and identity, more so than most other places in Mexico. According to the US Geological Survey, early on September 23, 2017, a magnitude 6.1 earthquake shook Matías Romero, about 275 miles southeast of Mexico City. These two groups were often in conflict throughout the pre-Hispanic period. In various regions the chain is locally known by other names, such as the Sierra de Miahuatlán and the Sierra de la Garza. This has led to wide scale migration, mostly from the rural areas, to find employment. Inadequate patrolling staff is an issue which needs to be addressed to remove the threats to the biosphere reserve. 70 bis 90 km von der Stadt Oaxaca entfernt und grenzt den größtenteils gebirgigen Bundesstaat nach Norden hin vom flachen Küstenvorland des Golfs von Mexiko ab; nach Osten schließt sich der ebenfalls flache Isthmus von Tehuantepec an. [76], Music and dance are almost inextricably linked to the state's folkloric heritage. Other items are produced with cotton fibers, although some maguey fibers can be found, while palm fronds are used to produce mats and hats. It took many years of dogged persuasion to discourage the Zapotec people to give up their pantheon of idolatry, shamanistic and cannibalistic practices of the Mesoamerican religion, which was denigrated by the Church. the Michigan archaeologists' study delineated the process of religion adapting to different environments as Oaxacan society changed. To these traditions were added elements from European culture and Catholicism. [79], Other attractions in the area include colonial constructions such as the monasteries in Cuilapan, Tlaxiaco, Coixthlahuaca, Yanhuitlán and Santo Domingo. The 1930s brought the Great Depression, which along with the disasters, prompted wide scale migration to Mexico City. [64], According to the Mexican government agency Conapo (National Population Council), Oaxaca is the third most economically marginalized state in Mexico. The latter settlement is known for its small figures called "pretty women" or "baby face." However, all indigenous people were eventually lumped into one category as the Spanish halted warfare among the city-states and created the official category of "indio" (Indian). The death rate has decreased from 5.79 deaths per thousand to 5.14. [18], Historic events in Oaxaca as far back as the 12th century are described in pictographic codices painted by Zapotecs and Mixtecs in the beginning of the colonial period, but outside of the information that can be obtained through their study, little historical information from pre-colonial Oaxaca exist, and our knowledge of this period relies largely on archaeological remains. However, the reserve is faced with threats from poaching, deforestation, overgrazing, and trash scattered on the highways and secondary roads that pass close and through the reserve. However, even Yagul was abandoned for a brief period, before it became a city-state in Oaxaca. Meat was generally hunted and included tepescuintle, turkey, deer, peccary, armadillo and iguana. Oaxaca ist der primäre Ursprungsstaat des Mezcal. After that point, insurgents had greater success in various parts of the state, but the capital remained in royalist hands until the end of the war. 1000 bis 4000 mm/Jahr); es gibt mehrere mittelgroße Flüsse, die allesamt nach Norden fließen und in den Río Papaloapan und somit in den Golf von Mexiko münden. Censo de Población y Vivienda 2010. On September 8, an 8.1 magnitude quake struck off of the southern Pacific coast, near Chiapas state. August 2020 um 21:42 Uhr bearbeitet. The Mazatecos call themselves Ha shuta enima, which means People of Custom. The Mixe language has seven dialects and this group has the highest rate of monolingualism (36% of speakers in the year 2000) of any Indigenous group in Mexico. [18] One native product to reach economic importance during the colonial period was the cochineal insect, used for the making of dyes for textiles. [18] The first major dominion was centered in Monte Albán, which flourished from 500 BC until AD 750. [79][82], The largest and most important archeological site is Monte Albán, which was capital of the Zapotec empire. In the low lands of the park, there 9,000 species of plant (about 50% of the species are reported throughout the country) in the forest and mangroves in the coastal belt. Coordinates: 16°54′N 96°25′W / 16.900°N 96.417°W / 16.900; -96.417. und 300 n. Chr. The rich biodiversity of the preserve consists of 910 plant genus, 2,700 vascular species, 102 species of mammals, 356 species of birds which includes the endangered Green Macaw (Ara militaris), and 53 species of reptiles. There is an oil and natural gas refinery in Salinas Cruz, which provides products to the state and other areas on Mexico's Pacific coast. The name means "boiling water" but the water is not hot; rather it pushes up from the ground in places which looks like water boiling.

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