The 32c was the only .357 SIG in their inventory and it was pristine. A bullet that overpenetrates is dangerous as it may potentially hit an innocent bystander located behind the target. But, here are some undeniable truths: If you want to look up the ballistics of various offerings from several manufacturers, be my guest. Soon after, the S&W 40 was designed to replace the 10mm because it was tough to fit a 10mm into a gun that was versatile enough to be purchased by large departments. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. What are your thoughts on the issue? The data above also leads us to some of the complaints of .357 SIG when compared vs .40 S&W or other handgun calibers. In essence they shortened a 10mm casing. Do I carry IWB or OWB? Ballistically is there much difference between the 357 sig or 40 cal. The robbers had a 12 Gauge, a 223 Rem semi-automatic rifle, and a pair of 357 Magnums. .357 SIG achieved some early success after being adopted by several state-level law enforcement agencies, who later reported that the cartridge performed well in the field. So what happened with .357 SIG? (It’s a lunch box.). That being said, 9mm vs .357 Sig is worth exploring, if for no other reason than to crush some ballistic myths. This is the same factor that ultimately ended .40 S&W’s chance of being the world’s most popular defensive handgun caliber too. Charter Arms Bulldog, guard dog in your pocket. Its casing was also a necked down 10mm. So there is economies of scale if you load more than one of these calibers. Along with 10mm the finest semi-auto calibers out there. Then, for $$ sake, I started shooting 9mm again around 2008/9, and I realized not only did I have a massive cranial rectal inversion over the whole thing, I found my defensive accuracy improved greatly with the 9mm. Well, some of us do. The data above also leads us to some of the complaints of .357 SIG when compared vs .40 S&W or other handgun calibers. There's also fewer ammunition manufacturers with a line of .357 ammo. I use the 357 for S.D. 357 Magnum Trajectory vs. 357 Sig Although trajectory, or the amount of drop, in a handgun cartridge is not as important as a rifle cartridge, it still matters, especially if you are using the round for hunting or target shooting at distances of 50 yards or more. We plan to help you answer all those questions, this time around, we'll discus .40 S&W vs .357 Sig, two very capable self-defense cartridges. If you've chosen a caliber, check out the following guides for the best ammo. He doesn't have a college education, for that matter he doesn't have a high school education, but I trust his knowledge and experience where … I’m currently investing in a barrel for my M&P to allow the 357 sig to be used . A 357 SIG’s tendency to penetrate farther, however, may become an advantage when a target is shielded by a barrier like a car door or windshield. Subscribe for the latest news, reviews, and gun deals. Was at Sportsmans Warehouse in Spokane friday, yep, SIGs were half again more expensive! The 9mm barrel from Lone Wolf worked much better and now my kit is complete, barrel review in this link. (Send all hate mail to Nanci Pelosi, that I also got at PBR.) Its standard 125 grain bullet has a muzzle velocity of approximately 1,400 fps. This could give you the chance to try out both and see which one you like without the full expense of another pistol. It featured a bottleneck design, characterized by a straight-walled case with no shoulder; this type of design hadn’t been seen on a semi-automatic handgun cartridge since the early 1960s. Can anyone tell me about the recoil on this gun? You could argue that the 357 SIG would have been ice skating uphill even if it hadn’t competed with the 40 S&W, as several century-old pistol cartridges were already widely favored by 1994, and they’ve since only gotten more lethal. Somewhat similar to the temporary incapacitation caused by flashbang grenades). As the result, the first shot you fire out of a 357 SIG pistol may be the last you’re able to line up accurately in the dark. Thread Tools. As we can see from the data, both .40 S&W and .357 SIG perform quite similarly in terms of penetration depth and average bullet diameter.
Let’s start by considering how well each cartridge’s bullet does at what it’s meant to do, which is neutralize a target. With its 125 grain bullet, it was designed to deliver the same performance as a 357 Magnum load when fired from a 4” revolver barrel. Shoot what you can afford. This was a fairly new load, first developed in 1984, and prior to the FBI’s adoption hadn’t been used by any law enforcement agency. Neither one would be optimal, but I would have more confidence in the .40. The FBI likely knew that 10mm wouldn’t be an effective long term solution, and for this reason they put in a request with Smith & Wesson to develop a brand new cartridge, one with similar ballistics of 10mm, but with more manageable recoil. If you don’t mind snappy, and you got the dough for ammo, go with the .357 Sig, and at least get the energy you deserve. You see the local police forces across the country were slowly replacing their trusty revolvers with auto loading pistols.

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