This is rather mild load. Has thumb hole stock appears to be in great condition. Although not legal in certain parts of Africa for dangerous game (some countries require that rifles of at least 375 or 400 caliber be used,) solid nose bullets are available so that, in a pinch, it would probably serve. Are there dies for this cartridge! The new Benelli Lupo bolt-action rifle is just as unique, innovative, and performance-oriented... Keith Feeley of Tactical Solutions sat down with Michael Bane at SHOT Show 2018 to talk about the new X-Ring Takedown SBR .22LR rifle. Before .35 Whelen factory loads were widely available, handloaders were the primary source of .35 Whelen ammo. Shooting the 180s I cann't tell any differance between the two differant guns, recoil feels the same. Then I began to work up loads using the 250gr partition. The only rifle I am aware of in semi-auto would be the Remington 7400 and that was only a limited run so the best thing would be to watch for private sales. You'll shoot long and hard for many summers to burn the barrel out. Here are some .35 Whelen statistics of interest to reloaders: Bullet diameter is Remington made more of those and might be easier to find. I have a 98 Mauser my dad built in the early sixties, Douglas barrel stamped .35/06 imp! Using a 250-grain (16 g) bullet, the .35 Whelen will generate 3,500 ft⋅lbf (4,700 J) at the muzzle from a 24 in (61 cm) barrel. Which weight partition do you prefer with your .35 Whelen? I shoot 125gr, 160gr and 180gr bullets in the 30-06. Recoil to me is oddly easier to deal with than 06. For many years, factory loaded ammunition was essentially nonexistent. In his 1940 book The Hunting Rifle: Design, Selection, Ballistics, Marksmanship, Col. Whelen gives a different version of its origin after describing the .400 Whelen. Regarding the 45-70, blackpowder level loads are milder than the 35 Whelen, but loaded up can recoil As a matter of fact, it was only named for Colonel Whelen, but was designed by James Howe, who was then with the famous firm of Griffin and Howe. James Tarr runs through the 3-Second Headshot drill. For those who may be concerned about 35 Whelen recoil, let me make it simple. While cartridges like the .45-70 Government were (and still are) valued for their effectiveness on these same animals, the .35 Whelen had several attributes that helped set it apart from other “big hitters” of the day. Furthermore, recoil to me is negligible with either bullet. With the correct bullet choice this cartridge is suitable for virtually all thin-skinned large and dangerous game. Thompson/Center also offers .35 Whelen barrels for their Encore rifles. The .35 Whelen takes up where the 30-06 stops. I know this is a very old post, but since people come and go, and I just bought a 35 Whelen Barrel to fit to my Handi I was curious what the current GBO posters thought. All Shooting Times subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. The trigger was really rough and I replaced it with a Timiny , added a one piece Leupold base, and a Trijicon 3-9 X 40 scope. This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to create free content that’s useful to hunters like yourself. Almost all 0.358-inch-diameter bullets have low ballistic coefficient (BC) numbers. The Big Game Hunting Blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, and other Amazon stores worldwide. Somewhere between 06 and 375. Saw a herd, asked permission, stalked to with in 350 yards, held 6″ high as the rifle was sighted in at 100 yards, shot. Say what you will about the .35 Whelen, but that cartridge has been a solid performer for nearly a century now with no end in sight. When the .35 Whelen was developed, resources were few. I rebarreled my Whelen from a matching 30-06. Like many big thumpers, its recoil is more of a push than a vicious smack. There is still a great future awaiting the 35 Whelen and, now that the 22-250 has been legitimized, perhaps we can hope that the 35 Whelen will meet the same good fortune. John. For this reason, there are still lots of quality .358 bullets in production like the 200gr Barnes TTSX, 225gr Barnes Moose and caribou mostly drop on the spot when smacked by the .35’s. The bottleneck 7.62x25 Tokarev is a fun cartridge, and handloading it increases the round's... Give a Gift   Necking it up much larger leaves such a minimal shoulder to headspace against that consistency is compromised. Brass lost in the field during the heat of the moment can be left behind without regret because more is just a crank of the sizing press away. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The .35 Whelen is a true gentleman of a cartridge, offering considerable performance at a very civilized cost. Come join the discussion about hunting, fishing, survival, archery gunsmithing, optics, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more!

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