On the other end of the spectrum, there are ultra-high-end rimfire pistols that can cost thousands of dollars. Walther is a German company that has been in business since 1886 and offers some of the finest firearms historically, as well as offering some of the finest .22 rimfire barrels in the world under the Walther Lothar barrel trade name. Get 12 Issues a year of the country's best firearms writing. It is a perfect harmony of compact size for personal defense carrying; durable build quality and incredible accuracy. Exceptionally accurate, easy to use, and intuitive by virtue of the original 1911 design, but also due to the creature comforts the new Browning methodology has included in this design. The polymer grips fit grown-up hands, and at 44 ounces it’s hardly a featherweight. The 617 is fine for backyard plinking, but this is a gun that was built for serious accuracy. Expanding bullets please unless penetration is required - maybe mixing the FMJ and HP would work well ? The upscale .22 pistol sports single action/double action (16.5/6.1 lb. Hardly a conventional .22 pistol, the Charger is a product of Ruger’s 10/22 blowback action. Technically, you could call the some guns that come in .223 and other high-powered cartridges a .22 pistol. Thank you for this…very informative just what i was looking for. Together these guns make up a tiny portion of the market but are profound contributors to the vocal discussion of owners on the internet. It is a spectacular choice for the serious .22LR shooter that wants a gun capable of legitimate accuracy and needs something that feels substantial. Since that time, I’ve shot a wide variety of pistols chambered for a number of different cartridges, but when I’m looking to have low-cost fun at my backyard shooting range, you can bet a .22 pistol will be there. Lucky Gunner used a snubnose revolver to test .22 Magnum handgun loads, and considered the same defense loads as Shooting Illustrated. Nevertheless, the Model 617 is an excellent .22 that’s built for competition — yet it’s fun to shoot. These guns offer excellent reliability and very high build quality, as well as a number of great optional features, such as optional fluted and threaded barrels, full-length top rails and a choice of walnut or polymer grips. Therefore, put in the range time to place shots where they need to go. Because of the low power relative to other weapons more commonly used for personal defense, there may be less of a market for home protection .22 pistols, and more of a market for .22 Pistols as a backup weapon. Looking for a .22 pistol can be a daunting challenge. There are several versions of the fun-to-shoot 1911-22, including the Black Label Medallion Full-Size version shown here, which comes with an alloy frame and machined aluminum slide, 4¼-inch barrel, rosewood grips with a gold Buckmark logo, and three-dot sights. The only autoloader known to us here at AGH in .22 Magnum is the KelTec PMR 30, which is roughly the same size as a 1911 Commander model. You can find target shooting variants in all pistol types, including bolt action (generally suited for hunting); semiautos and revolvers. The uses that shooters who read this article will have, are varied, and they each will need something different. MSRP: $309 www.ruger.com/, Ruger 22 Charger 22 LR $269 Sportsmans Warehouse. This version features an adjustable rear sight and has impeccable fit and finish which, despite the heavy price point, proves that the gun is worth every penny when you factor in the enjoyment and the accuracy it the other perks of owning a Buck Mark of this variety. Gun Expert. Ruger is based out of Northern Arizona in Prescott. You can almost count on one hand, the companies that are older than Beretta that are still in existence; it is easily the most profitable company of that bunch. Only in an extreme survival situation would we eve advocate for something like that. The benefit of this build quality however, is that you will have a legacy type firearm, that can be passed down to multiple generations - just like the finest .22 target pistols of the first and second generation that are now, valuable collectors items. Generally, you may look at either an ultra-lightweight, ultra-small 22 pistol for personal protection, or at a .22 Magnum pistol, which will offer much more effective ballistics if you are trying to use a .22 Pistol for personal protection. An absolute legend of a target pistol, the Buck Mark is a fantastic balance of reliability, accuracy and quality in manufacture – typical of Browning in general. Whether I’m shooting a bag of dollar-store balloons, adding vent holes to an empty soda can or pureeing the leftover Halloween pumpkin that’s started leaking internal fluids on my front porch, I find no end of cheap targets to punch with a .22 handgun. That doesn’t mean that all rimfire pistols are high quality.

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