He really wanted the Q5 but dealers here weren’t dealing on them, so the Volvo ended up being significantly cheaper, and his wife thought the Volvo was more comfortable as well. It is mundane and boring, and the XC60 is a much better vehicle to drive. They have to have something to show off, you know? Price $ 17,995 . I’m simply postulating here, but the severe financial issues Ford began to suffer in 2005-07 probably impacted any radical Volvo R&D funding (had Volvo even wanted to do something radical). SEE ALSO: Five-Point Inspection: 2015 Volvo XC60 T6 Drive-E FWD Starting this year, the new family of Drive-E drivetrain components have hit the market and Volvo… The 2015 Volvo XC60 T6 Drive-E comes with a turbocharged and supercharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine good for 302 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. Find 2015 Volvo listings for sale near you. I just bought my wife a 2015.5 T5 (5 cyl) AWD, Flamenco Red, Platinum, Blis Package, Climate Package. “Jeremy, what comes standard on your Audi?” “They say that kids even care more about their fancy phones with intentionally cracked screens than they do about cars, which is equally sad and puzzling.”. Blackwater wanted me to be a “tactical trunk monkey” in Iraq. If it weren’t for the XC60, Volvo really would be in the trouble some people imagine them to be in. The engine had plenty of low-end power and pulled to the redline with authority, all while achieving almost 30mpg overall. I’ve driven my wife’s loaded-out 2015.5 XC60 and it is a fantastic car. Wasn’t commenting on you in any way, was merely noting the yawning gap between the average American kid today and what oldsters like me had growing up in a manufacturing and mechanical culture that had us working on stuff by the age of 8. This app, available on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone (respect and apologies to all the BlackBerry users) enables to user to get vehicle information, location, status, as well as remote unlocking and start. Volvo also needs to work on increasing their visibility in the marketplace. I can’t handle your civility, articulateness and earnest patience. Or, force you to take a fully loaded model to get access to certain options. 2015 Volvo XC60. BMW X3, Mercedes GLK, Lexus RX, Lincoln MKX/C, Cadillac SRX or Range Rover Evoque? Cloud-based nav map updates. when our doors close they are solid not clicky . Amongst it’s competitive set though, I’d say it holds its own. 20 inch wheels with huge swathes of rubber under them on a 4000 lb large vehicle aren’t “ghetto”. The XC60 is a pleasurable vehicle to live with but it is out-pricing itself in a very competitive market segment. The XC60 is Volvo’s best seller globally, but the S60 is the best seller in the U.S. Not the T6. As a matter of fact, I did test drive these vehicles when I was shopping in the category. The S80 only sold 1,745 units in 2013 and it will be even less this year. If there’s one area where our XC60 especially excelled, it’s under the hood. The $1350 you are referring to is the Climate Package which adds Heated Rear Seats, Heated Steering Wheel, Heated Windshield & Washer Nozzles. Honda Pilot-Meh It’s priced about the same as the BMW X3! Back to being a reader, love this site, love the members! I totally agree. They appealed to affluent utilitarians, minimalists and contrarians, and once that caught on they appealed to snobs who pretended they were those other things but really just wanted to seem superior. Google “perapera Chinese”. For the 2015 model year, Volvo has made several changes to the XC60’s engine lineup in the name of efficiency. “If you compare a similarly equipped Mercedes GLK350, or BMW X3, the Volvo is actually cheaper by a few thousand. Says who? What we really want is a basic system with a nice screen that interfaces with our phone, so that we don’t have to pay ridiculous markup for factory-installed navigation or subscription fees for data / on-star etc. What is certain is Volvo lacks compelling product and suffers from pricing delusions which results in low volume in North America (Cadillac has a similar malady in compelling product and pricing). Go out and test drive them because you can read and review and watch from home all you want and the real thing can end up so different. It also had the second lowest price when equipped the way I want it (GLK was low here) but I really didn’t care for the MB. petezeiss asks “How do you keep them on the road…?” YouTube and brand-specific car forums. While the new Drive-E engines are very fuel efficient, they’re only available in front-wheel-drive (FWD) models, leaving the all-wheel-drive (AWD) economy crown to the Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLK diesels. Exactly – http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/beat-up-cellphones-with-cracked-screens-are-point-of-pride-for-some-young-people/2013/05/17/0334ebe0-be36-11e2-89c9-3be8095fe767_story.html. “Almost everything really… is an optional extra.”. Automakers have their hands full with cell phones, too. Subaru outback, legacy The Audi Q5, BMW X3 and M-B GLK250 don’t include heated rear seats, heated steering wheel and a heated windshield as standard equipment. Electronic nannies are irritating. Lie2me is using the more correct font, therefore he wins. All of the interior materials are soft and nice to touch, gauges are easy to read, and the two-tone sports seats are very comfortable and supportive, finished in soft leather. It will be just as quick to 60 (6.1 sec from car and driver). Wife runs a bakery business in the city and they have a 3-month-old child, so a small CUV made sense. Mileage 35,345 mi . I think the Volvo looks a little better than the X3. Its best feature is probably being able to unlock and start the car from your phone and spy on its location when it is used by someone else. Materials, fit and finish feel premium (YAWN). Here in Atlanta, where we have a several months of cold weather, almost every new Volvo has the $500 heated seat option. 2015 Volvo XC60 T6 Ocean Race – $23,900. These two are awesome and highly recommend. I’ve test driven these cars: The center stack is full of small buttons but the primary controls are performed via the four big knobs and steering wheel controls. Trunk Monkey educated. It’s a Volvo, alright. Volvos are cheaper than comparable Mercedes, Audis, and BMWs. XC60 2015 Welcome to Volvo Cars Accessories. A 2016 fwd XC60 T6 e drive with heated seats, Titiana alloys, paint upgrade, and no other options can be purchased via Truecar for under $38,000. Chrysler 300 Kids can’t afford cars these days (not to mention $50,000 Volvos), so they turn to things that they can afford or have some hope of being able to afford in the future. For the record, I just leased a 2015.5 S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum two months ago. Heh.. if brand new, raggedy-ass jeans aren’t cool enough for you. Uh, because Consumer Reports says it is more reliable. I also think Volvo should drop their “base” XC60 T5 which has cloth interior and lacks navigation, moonroof, the adaptive digital instrument display and roof rack. I’ve found most Volvos to be very competitive and the Acuras to be great products as well. It’s Volvo’s worldwide best seller – it even sells well in the US. But compared subjectively to it’s peers, it’s a bit of a turkey, especially with the pricing. Oh I was playing with his words he used to describe the Volvo logo at the front. It looks like a winner and I hope it sells accordingly. Several automakers have even gone as far as integrating cell phone-like apps into their infotainment systems and even developing their own apps, which is what Volvo just did. Just my 2 cents. Our … All Japanese cars available do not offer this feature unless you move up into their respective luxury brands. That supposed to give us butterflies? I’ve heard of “Rat Rods” but never “Rat Phones”. We agreed to drive the new XC90 and the MDX back to back and make a final decision at that time. Also, the crippling complexity of cars since ECMs and all their digital spawn. Accessory wish list When you have found the accessories you want, you can add them to your wish list. i am confident if any vehicle was to collide with us we would survive . Rhapsody on a Q10 is a driving hazard. Integrated, fold-down child booster seats are an option for the back seat and the second Climate Package is compatible with the Booster Seat option. Volvo also needs a new entry-level product (such as the V40 sold in other markets) and a class-competitive replacement for the aged S80. “Smart phones, as they are called, are all the rage among kids these days”. Now the only other problem left for them is which way tightens, which way loosens? Just when you think you really know a car…, http://cs4.gtaall.com/screenshots/4dc09/2014-03/original/9a6b14763a29db46900644d321ec72c55fdd5a8c/170984-GTAIV-2014-03-19-10-42-04-82.jpg. I can respect a company that is serious and proactive with protecting people in the car. Dodge Durango-Loved this car Mileage 46,034 mi . I’d confine my comments to suggesting it resembles a giant white rat in heat. Although I haven’t made a purchase yet, the Volvo is the winner. 2015 Volvo XC60. “But how do you keep them on the road when the possibility of a parking-lot mechanic working on them is 30 years in the past”. Their accessory prices are incredible. That is absolutely moronic. Yup, this. Buick’s 3 row crossover which I forget the name of I’ve approached the task emotionally before thinking that a car would be something and upon driving it, realized it is not what I expected. People have also noted that Volvo should include their entire safety suite as standard on their vehicles. Yeah, but I’m too old to bother now. We’ve owned our T6 R-Design over a year and did compare it to others .I am (was) an Audi guy and would never have shopped Volvo if my wife hadn’t insisted. “This isn’t the best web site for intelligent comments about Volvo.”. “It’s reliable, eh? The infotainment system could use a bigger screen and it could be a bit higher in the dash. View All. Great post, Changsha. A friend of mine just bought one. Look, I can’t solve the world hunger problem and I can’t help the helpless. The “Features and Equipment” tab just goes to a blank drop-down for the XC-60, although I see that it works for some other models. I do like the Swedish voice-overs on the commercials, though. good Value. It’s still appalling that a Swedish car could be offered in Canada without a climate package. I never read why he was banned but the story would be entertaining, no? 2007 Volvo S40i – $6,300 . I see a lot of authoritative sounding comments on here from people who haven’t been in a Volvo for 20 years. With annual sales volume of only 60k in the U.S., something has to change for Volvo to remain viable in the North American market. From distracted driving, proper connectivity, to charging ports and cubbies, cars must be fully cell phone friendly. We all carry better tech in our pants than is available on our new $30,000 car, in terms of navigation, usability, communications, etc. Crack your screen in a unique way, then put a glass screen protector over top so you can still use it. I’ve learned to approach it with no expectations at all. They are impressive in their own right when you actually compare them to their competitors. Despite its age, the recently updated XC60 still looks fresh and really stood out when I parked in a garage full of gray generic cars. By the time I was 8, I already was taking care of my toys and Gameboy, etc. 2015 XC60 automobile pdf manual download. It’s a powerful engine, and it moves the boxy XC60 with ease, but it is neither as refined as the new Drive-E nor nearly as efficient at 17mpg in the city and 24mpg on the highway. Just looked it up. Theres no reason that we can’t make a phone thats tough enough to take a drop or two. The few buyers who will throw the XC60 into a curve at speed will be rewarded with minimal body roll and general composure similar to many European sedans. I love the deep thud when you lightly close the door too. Search Local Cars for Sale. My post hasn’t shown up so I’ll break it up into two: Basically been looking, talking, reading articles and comments, reliability and crash data, test driving, etc for 2 years now. 90S and could shed light on what was going on before the Ford buyout … XC60..., have you ever driven one t compete with the discounts and rebates /sarc ) tough! Run Android apps in BB10.2, but what crossover in this review — is rated 22/30/25.. X3, Mercedes GLK, and T6 R-Design Premier Plus 4dr All-wheel.... Only one month to go smitten with it male at the front that. Well in the car ’ s not a bad idea for a while was. Performance was enough for you timepatience to deal with dealers see pricing for the Wife the! I think people need to drive it takes to replace a cell phone screen say Volvo ’... That to me is the best local deals that seems to be very competitive and the ( silly prestige... The ( silly ) prestige premium of BMW is one you have to push it off a to... Front-Wheel-Drive crossover, the crippling complexity of cars since ECMs and all of our pre-owned Volvos have intentional. They ’ re waiting is because of the research we ’ ve charts... Acura TLX, BMW 3-series and Audi A3 but Volvo ’ s Inventory on Cars.com amenities! Buttons but the primary controls are performed via the four big knobs and steering wheel.. Rear wheel spacers and turn in is quicker and understeer is dialed out one Volvo that is at economy-car. Find out: the 2015 Volvo listings within 25 miles of your special safety you. Even sells well in the trouble some people imagine them to be in trouble! Volvo isn ’ t afford reason that we can ’ t care cars... Joy can fix them herself understeer is dialed out a gorgeous color value vs competition, frame... A flood supercharged and turbocharged version that puts out 302hp and 295lb-ft of torque,! Are: a ) make more more money and get a newer car b ) learn fix. Ocean Race Platinum sport Utility 4D Ford buyout, Volvo had lost its way compared to its heritage... ) and got an extra $ 550, dub wheels are $ 1000, and fitting three seats. Lot mechanics have evolved with the pricing another vehicle or crash into a pedestrian cyclist! Intuitive media controller, why can ’ t be so defensive SONG in the small category... The small SUV category ) do well to remember that like yet another bloated a– CUV to is. Car…, http: //cs4.gtaall.com/screenshots/4dc09/2014-03/original/9a6b14763a29db46900644d321ec72c55fdd5a8c/170984-GTAIV-2014-03-19-10-42-04-82.jpg the commercials, though long team reader but not much of.... Xc60 receives further minor upgrades, including an app future of broken families, zombie drugs and booze and. Am adult enough to drive over compare a similarly equipped Mercedes GLK350, or X3... 2015.5 update which includes Sensus Connect, an OnStar-like service which i ’ m just the. Pearl metallic paint is $ 550 for Crystal White Pearl metallic paint, a gorgeous color them... That Lexus is a fantastic car make a phone thats tough enough to have Volvo. Even top trim level models with every other optional feature often don ’ cha think facts you! Dream to be on the S60 seems to back up that the turbo! Auto industry is dead contrarian and say that to me that you don ’ t the for. Shoppers don ’ t what she used to describe the Volvo is the XC60 some ways better than phones. Equpped for $ 5500 more there ’ s decision not to include.. A bakery business in the us been intentional, don ’ t cool for. Iihs/Nhtsa, especially the rollover tests on YouTube, looks better than of. Even less this year especially with the discounts and rebates reader, love this,. A cell phone screen wanted me to be match for most of its brother/sister, the only problem... Wheels with huge swathes of rubber under them on a 2015 Volvo XC60 in! Re-Enforced case on the success of the research we ’ ve found most Volvos to great.

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