The vehicle was serviced under NHTSA campaign number: 13v092000 (service brakes, hydraulic, traction control system); however, the failure recurred. 8L90E Specs, Performance, and Identification, TH400 Transmission Specs, ID, and Common Problems, Chevy Impala: Brake Lights Stuck On → Diagnosis. Please also check out the All Rights Reserved. The dealership has said that they have preformed the recall bulletin and I will need to fix this on my own. The wheel speed sensors are responsible for monitoring the wheel speed and send it back to the computer system. This is not the only Honda Pilot doing this. However, they have had my car for 5 days and are unable to duplicate the problem or show a code. The brakes appear to apply differentially, causing a swerve that needs to be corrected quickly to avoid collision with traffic. . This is the 2nd time my yaw sensor has failed since the initial vsa recall in 2013, which I completed. Vsa light randomly comes on when going around corners at low speeds and has a grinding noise, or when driving at highway speeds the car pulls sharply. It's now parked as we are afraid to drive it. My wife was driving the car. I have owned 5 Honda's and currently own 3 . In lately incident, they finally took the matter seriously then they found yaw sensor error code but they still can't guarantee the vsa problem will be solved. I first - Honda 2005 Pilot question A call to metro Honda in montclair was of no assistance. I had turned the car on to use the power steering while the brake calipers were unbolted. you need to take it to have it checked or reset by a mechanic. I took the vehicle to the dealer immediately and they told me they could not duplicate the problem and they found no problems with the car. 2005 Honda Pilot with 145k miles suddenly started to apply brakes without warning while driving on straight, flat, dry roads at moderate speeds. While driving approximately 60 mph, the brakes engaged independently. The extra brake force only last 1 second or 2 but it caused the vehicle steer to the left and the vsa come on. In-between each repair, we have driven the car in the city nearly every day without any problems. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. I have this occur daily. . $994 for the sensor alone. The approximate failure mileage was 150,000. The vsa light started to come on while I was driving the car. I believe this to be a defective yaw rate sensor. At the same time the vehicle stability warning light came on (yellow triangle). It has done this un-commanded braking more than once, I have been afraid to drive it and at least got it 30 minutes to my Honda dealer, which I also purchased the vehicle from. The vsa recall was done yet the vehicle continues to have the same issues. My ABS, VSA and Tire Pressure warning light stayed on after I replaced my front rotors and pads. The vsa recall was completed in 2012 for the wiring harness. Better yet, Honda America should replace all vsa modules for free before someone is killed!! I'm told it is connected to the main computer and if it is the yaw sensor then the main computer has to be replaced, at a cost of $1650. This worked for my 2015 Honda Accord. Previous to this service, we had never had any issues with the vsa. Called dealer, they will have to do a diagnostic to determine if the problem is under warranty? Vsa needed replaced. The VSA system is run through the ABS System, which means that it can be the ABS module that causes the Pilot’s VSA light to come on. Honda. Vsa light came on. So we are now driving our car with the vsa off! We have experienced the spontaneous and intermittent engagement of abs only during long highway driving. The car has been to the dealer several times and the last time they said the vsa modulator needs to be replaced at a cost of about $2000. . Unibody rear under frame and suspension mount corrodes and rust do to water collecting under vehicle inside the unibody. When I stopped in the parking lot I noticed my vsa indicator light was on. They are: The light listed simply as VSA is the system indicator light. The vsa light went on after the event occurred. This problem has occurred while driving normal speeds during perfectly normal (not raining or slippery) conditions. Car will swerve to one side when brakes are applied by vsa mechanism. Grinding feeling and with the vsa indicator lights on. Vsa light may come on, may not. This video helped me to reset the indicator lights. Maybe alternator, battery or something, but they didn't find anything wrong with any of those, but it cost me $125. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Honda's VSA light can warn you of a few things. google search on vsa car suddenly breaking - first 'hit' was a 2013 recall on the vsa harness and sensor. My VIN was not included in recall in 2013, #13v092000. As a result, the vehicle swerved from left to right and the vehicle stability assist warning light illuminated. The first time it occurred was on a trip to PA. On 2/25/15 my daughter was driving the vehicle on the highway (no vsa light on), applied the brakes lightly and the car braked severly even once her foot was off the brake and pulled the car in the same front right direction as before forcing her to swerve along side a passing truck. My car was not part of the Honda Pilot vsa recall (https://. When this sensor is no longer sending a signal to your Honda’s VSA system, it is no longer functioning properly and the VSA light will be activated (typically the ABS light will as well). . The local Honda dealer says there is no recall for this, but that they had reprogrammed the car's vsa during an earlier service visit. The vehicle was taken to a dealer where it was diagnosed that the yaw rate sensor needed to be replaced. Huge safety issue and vehicle control was lost and vehicle slid and skidded into opposite lane of traffic. Had slowed down to enter the ramp to get on the highway. If it comes on WITH the VSA light, it indicates there is a problem. The vsa lights both come on in the vehicle. I pulled the car over and took a quick picture of malfunction vsa warning lights. There were quite a few. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2005 Honda Pilot based on all problems reported for the 2005 Pilot. . We went to a Honda dealership in pittsburgh. If the VSA light doesn’t come back on, you are good to go. Car will apply brakes without driver hitting the brake pedal. We were thrown hard into our seat belts. If you are 13 years old when were you born? If you do opt to purchase a code scanner, just be aware that the cheaper ones will often only read the engine. You can use a good code scanner, or you can take it to the local parts store and see if they will scan it for you. Later changed their minds and said yaw rate sensor needs replaced at a total cost of $1150. When the VSA light comes on, your Pilot may need attention in order to get this important safety system up and running again.. VSA is a system that helps keep you keep control in less than ideal driving conditions. Vehicle stability assist warning light is on and cannot turn the vsa light off. How long will the footprints on the moon last? The Honda dealer initially suggest it was related to the vsa recall but after performing the recall work 4 times, the issue still exist.

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