I did it, truthfully just willingly doing anything that would help me calm down. Haniel is responsible for connecting a person’s human energy and higher energy. He is stepping forward in a big way now so more will be known about him. There are no special rituals involved, which is very different from the way Native Americans seek help from the Great Spirit. She gave me the info but I didn’t get much description. Hi everyone, it’s my first pay a visit at this web site, and piece of writing is genuinely fruitful designed In the scriptures, Michael expresses his disapproval of Satan’s actions. You can give Reiki to any master you would like to ex:Dr. Usui or Mrs. Takata even for to Jesus! Never heard about that before !! Her personal Pages are facebook.com/Sonieledanielhealingmiracle, and Instagram handle @sonieledanielhealingmiracle. Paradoxically, I am not a very comfortable flyer – one can even say I am slightly phobic… I am anxious weeks before the flights date and the night before is extremely difficult for me to stay calm. How about Saint Germane and the violet Ray ? can we call two angels at a time. How does it work and what do you need to do? At Alohahappiness, she is an active Guide, Healer and Teacher regularly taking up cases for healing and courses for teaching. Dear Waheda, Ive been looking on the internet and Ive found two images. Is this a branch of Reiki that someone has created? In addition to this, he works on helping you become more self-loving, gentle, patient, and kind. that this Archangel is seen as female? 371. I need some more guidance from you. legal, or other professional advice. I am a Reiki master and very interested in learning Angel Reiki.would you know anyone I could ask here in Dubai? Thanks.,,,sorry got off the topic, For your children you can call upon Archangel Gabriel and Rahphael. While he is named after one of the brightest stars in the universe, he doesn’t use particularly bright colors to identify himself. If you are not prepared in advance, you will become very frightened to the point that you will want to run. Whatever the situation is, you’ll know when he is near because you’ll feel him with a unique vibration. Raphael is an archangel that takes great interest in helping those who ask. Sources of information vary depending on different religions or non religions – my advice would be to study all. Previous post: How Can We Become “Better” Reiki Practitioners? And, this is because he is an angel that will help manifest your dreams. He will protect you against negative and psychic attack. But, this is not what the archangel is trying to do. Its been Less than a lil more than 6 months I started practicing Reiki… I wish you all the best for your endeavors . He is an angel of  Transformation & Transmutation. The name Gabriel stands for God is my strength. If you’re going through turmoil and need to right the ship, you should rely on Archangel Jophiel. , Thank you, i am glad to read yuor reiki articel <3, Dear Sunetra, First of all thanks a lot for the article which is very informative . I am an Angel Card reader too and as such have been instinctively using the help of Archangels Michael and Raphael for my Reiki practices! As of right now, people know that he is one that is connected to the streams of wealth, success, prosperity, harvest, harmony, and material gain.

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