Create a workshop of your lingual society at the 12th ESLO congress in Greece

2015 March 04

Don’t miss the biggest opportunity to present at the 12th ESLO Congress the high level of lingual development in your country.


More than 10 Lingual Orthodontic Societies are active in E.U. and over 20 lingual societies exist around the world and as President of ESLO Council 2014/16 I have the vision to offer National Lingual Societies, the opportunity for exchange Evidence Based, Lingual Orthodontic Knowledge on International Level during 12th ESLO Greece Congress.

Three steps for a room reservation:

  1. Decide with a lingual society of another country your collaboration;
  2. Submit the authors and the subjects of the topics and
  3. Send us via email your request :

Your request will by examined by the ESLO Council.

Max. mandatory time for your workshop 4 hours (a.m. 09-13.00 or p.m. 14.00-18.00)

The conference rooms’ capacities are 50-70 persons.

ESLO offers AVI and Conference Room free of any charge, for each National Lingual Scientific Society registered during year 2015 (please email to, not later than 31 december 2015).


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